Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heebee Post #749 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, Kansas - USA

 Exquisitely exacto-cut original postcard from experienced Mail Artist W.L. Philyaw popped through the Inter-Dimensional highway to Heebee Jeebeeland to take a few snaps while on holiday.
 The reverse side of William's card, "Flex", came adorned with the beautiful Russian postage stamp of a G-Force centrifuge for their space program. You really must admire the Russians for their commitment to space habitation and exploration. And I love that little "Fluxus girl" too!
I think I can remember William explaining to me how he came to have such an illustrious collection of  unused vintage postage stamps, but it is an unclear memory.  Ex-Post office?  Hmm. Anyway, he sure puts on a show with some beauties that I haven't seen in decades. Like that 1972 8 cent Peace Corps stamp. Thank you very much, my friend and see you in the mail very soon. You can find William here: Addressee.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Heebee Post #748 - Chepin Mora Alonzo - San Francisco, California - USA

 How about a "Blood Pink-tongue Dingo"? Chepin sends in this cuddly Picasso looking creature to run amok in Heebee Jeebeeland. Lost creatures, such as these, can always find a happy home here, in the 4th Dimension.
 Now this creature is a bit different from the colorful Dingo. A blushing Peacock-bush Flower? Sure is fun to look at!
Front and back of the envelope that was held together with various stamps. Chepin actually pleads Heebee Jeebeeland to take these wayward creatures. And I just have to admit to you , dear reader, that I very much miss the "Jewel by the Bay" (San Francisco). See you in the mail Chepin.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Heebee Post #747 - RCBz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

 This fellow is really sticking his neck out for mail art! Roy's hapless subject leaves the safety of his translucent beach ball, insect eye hut to stand in front of his punisher. And that wicked blade is gonna come whistling down any second. A rather eerie suspense.
"I wanna go where the strange ones go" (Supergrass) - That's one way looking at Roy's declaration that his entertaining mail art blog is back up and running. Good show Roy!  We won't even discuss that gorgeous artistamp in the lower left! I don't think I have ever seen that beautiful American Native Culture (issued 1994) 29 cent stamp before. Pretty cool. Thanks for another spectacular card Roy! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heebee Post #746 - ??? - Diepolz - Germany

 "Friede den Hutten - Krieg den Palasten"! = "Peace Hut - War Palaces"! Very bold words as Georg Buchner tried to rally the people to revolution in 1834 Germany. He was arrested for publishing the "Friede den Hutten" pamphlet, but managed a subsequent escape to Strasbourg. The "200 Jahre" is a reference to the great museum/cultural center in Diepholz. And it is indeed an impressive museum.
I wish there was some body's name attached to this call, but that's okay. I am going to send in something anyway, because I like these kind of historical figure calls. Besides, being a revolutionary with his "Society for human rights", Buchner wrote many plays and books as well as translating 2 of Victor Hugo's works. So, let me think of something appropriate and I'll be sending it off soon. And thanks for the card.

Heebee Post #745 - Brent Leopold - Camp Hill, Pennsylvania - USA

 Brent returns with a packet of oddities and mail calls and self portraits. The above A4 sized show-card gives us a peek into the different aspects of Brent's personality. It's kind of spooky in there.
 Hail, hail the gang's all here. A chummy bunch of teenage zombies (so popular this year), a decent pooch and funny bear that reminds me of  Stanley Owsley (Bear). I hope everybody can read the mail calls that also appear on the sheet. Click on it to make bigger?
 This gal makes me think she is the subject of the song "Jane says" by Jane's Addiction: "I'm done with Sergio. He treats me like a rag doll". And "I'm gonna kick tomorrow".  Life can be pretty sad if you let go of it. Jane is proof - Heroin is dirty.
Found Art mail call.
It's been a long while since Brent has visited Heebee Jeebeeland. He certainly has a lot of fun with weirdness and it is entertaining for us too - although his work may be a bit melancholy. Come on Brent , Cheer up! I'm sending you something that I hope will get you grinning again. See you in the mail.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Heebee Post #744 - Lisa Iverson (Skybridge Studios) - N. Manchester, Indiana - USA

 Lisa (Skybridge Studios) sends in this gorgeous altered book cover with a hand painted depiction of a Heebee Jeebee rooftop - Rather Poe-ish - Like 'The Raven'!  Or perhaps like the Washington Irving's "The legend of Sleepy Hollow" (note the Headless Horseman postage). Terrific work. And I am a big fan of the interesting letter 'T' and I see two of the lovelies in this piece.
Lisa finishes this confounding jaunt with:"It was you that went insane again". No, not again! The reverse side is brimming with oddness - a good job of it too. Everything from Skybridge Studio is pretty cool and classy. Thanks Lisa for this wonderful work. Skybridge Studio's Mail Art.. See you in the mail Lisa.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heebee Post #743 - Marianne Laimer - Umea - Sweden

 "And if you do not find the way to the 4th Dimension........And then......what?". This ominously scrawled notation made by someone that, perhaps,  is lost between dimensions. And then what? Good question! This postcard is actually a altered photograph with some kind of rubbing solution. It is fantastically other worldly and created by an Ace of Mail Art.
It has been a long while since Marianne has visited Heebee Jeebeeland - And what glorious style she arrived in. This card is superb and conveys the dreadful sense of hopelessness she intended. Nicely done dear Marianne. She also writes that she has moved from her beautiful Swedish Island to the coastal town of Umea - the center for education and medical research. That city has also been elected as the "European Capital of Culture of 2014. Very nice to have you here again Marianne - I missed your wonderful art. Thank you and see ya in the mail!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heebee Post #742 -- Collaboration: William L. Philyaw and Test Tower - USA

William and I finally got to do another collaboration. This one, "A Pride in Travel" was initiated by Philyaw and finished by me. Now, it's my turn to start one. I do have an interesting collection of collabs with William over the years and someday I shall show them off.  I must also add that after working on this piece, I feel somewhat compelled to include this wicked cool driving song: Riding with the King. Thank you William, working with you is always a delight!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heebee Post #741 - Valery Shimanovsky - Nizhnekamsk, Tartarstan - Russia

 "I wish I was a cat - Then I'd know where it's at" (Bingo Richey). The cat on the front of this card rather looks like a Rapper, belting out some serious meows and growls. It's great to find Valery back in the 4th Dimension and having fun.
Valery is well known for his grand sense of humor (I suspect something is lost on me because I cannot translate Cyrillic into English (see the top side). Valery is also part of a loose-knit group of Russian mail artists (they are all sensational). Always upbeat - a wonderful mail artist that is fun to have an exchange with. Something in the mail for you soon my friend.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heebee Post #740 - Wolfgang Skodd - Dortmund - Germany

 I see that Wolf has armed himself, as he sends in the Fluxus pistol empty box postcard and a nice looking card it is, at that. I am also liking that mysterious blue x in the word Fluxus. That has given me an idea Herr Skodd.  You shall see in my responding mail art. There is already something on the way to you, so this shall be the one after that.
Wolf adds thanks for the Squid Patrol card - You are most welcome, Banana Underground man.I love the self image buried onto the blue envelope background. Brilliant! You can visit Wolfgang here: Banana Underground. Thank you very much and see ya in the post.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Heebee Post #739 - Arac - Huntsville, Alabama - USA

 Try-outs for the Squid Patrol! Arac's fabulous card is a great response to the "Squid Patrol" card I sent out to about a 15 or so mail artists out there.  This is a stupendous card!
Check out the composition of the reverse side, above. Very entertaining, but what the heck is he doing? I like the ambiguity of the picture, much of my life is quite similar. What the heck am I doing anyway. Arac points out that her "Hippy Dippy" mail call is going on and she would like you to participate. See here: Hippy Dippy call. Thank you very much Ms. Arac and will see you in the mail - Note: already sent: "A Box of Rain". Peace!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heebee Post #738 - Jonathon Strangroom - Somervill, Massachusetts - USA

 I received this cryptic little card from the great, long time, well-known Dada/Fluxus mail artist J. Strangroom. "Concerned with Insignificantes". Does Strangroom (his real name) go for a walk and report how much change he found during said walk?  Just curious..........
Jonathon is also a well known painter and net worker. His projects over the years have been well documented with books, film, etc. You can find a brilliant interview with the artist by Ruud Janssen, done in 1996, but a very good little read. Anyway, find that here: Interview with Strangroom.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heebee Post #737 - Lotro Poku (Lothar Trott) - Zurich - Switzerland

 Who is who? Indeed! Mail Art mischief! The above began as the back side of a decorated envelope I had sent to Lotro. He has altered the Heebee Jeebeeland one peso bill and gloriously returned it for me to alter it further and send it back - a sort of add and pass between just Lotro and myself. I love this kind of shared art.
 The reverse side of the card has Lotro lamenting a bit in his note regarding the increasingly growing prices on everything. I sure can relate. Ugh! Also: The Graf Zeppelin adornments are really cool. Thanks very much for the interesting postcard.
 Also sent was another envelope that contained the above little Documentation booklet (Doku #6). Below is some of the work shown in the handsome and nicely put together 'Docubook'.
 A great mix of artists - this looks super Lotro!
 Another vibrant group of artists - Hey, there's my stuff!
It is always fun to receive work from Lotro Poku. We have a pretty good exchange going on and have had a lot of fun between us in the mail. I tip my hat to you Lotro - great mail art! I sent something to you earlier today. Cheers old boy, Test

Heebee Post #736 - Art Tower (G. Schwind) - Ashaffenburg - Germany

 These three little fellows proudly declare their love for Art Tower's cozy home town, Aschaffenburg. Notice the big hearts - just like Gunter's in real life. March on my little love warriors!
Cousin Arty in full Matador regalia - cutting a dashing figure! Thank you for the card my dear friend - I will have one on you. Thanks again. Art Tower mail art. I have just sent you something - stay tuned!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Heebee Post #735 - RCBz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

 Art, Empire, Industry and the mocking of the slow death of the American Postal Service. Roy sure makes a  great commemorative postcard full of rough satire, but still manages to give the Postal Service the dignity it deserves as it slowly meets it's demise. Super job Roy, I love this card!
The interesting reverse side features two "Return to sender" back sides of cards that were returned to him. There is always a little bit of disappointment when something that you've worked on is returned and Roy is displaying that aspect nicely. And I have to also note that the "International Telecommunications Union" stamp (1965) is one of my favorites - nice to see it again.  Thanks very much Roy for your stunning work and observation of the current condition of the Postal Kingdom. See you in the mail!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heebee Post #734 - Eduardo ZenDada Cardoso - Sines - Portugal

 ZenDada strikes again! A perfectly strange work by Eduardo that sends the imagination on a little joyride. What is Poesia? I know Eddie likes to play with made up 'new words' - is this a case of that or is Eddie referring to the famous self-taught San Francisco artist Poesia . I'll leave the ponderous work to you, dear reader.
 Get a load of Eddie portraying the "Poet of Silence". A fun guy to have at a party. This is absolutely hilarious!
 The Poet of Silence's alter ego - as we see the antithesis.
A Fluxus stop sign and Fluxus tombstone. A day filled with Fluxus is an enjoyable day for everybody, as Eddie is keenly aware of. Nice to have you back, dear Eduardo - and like I started out with -ZenDada strikes again! You can discover why there is a "Poet of Silence" here, where Eddie works: Paranormal Mail Art.  See you in the mail!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Heebee Post #733 - Jen Staggs - Dallas, Texas - USA

 Mail Art Fashion Queen, Jen Staggs, sends in this fabulous 'Other World Apparel Design  Kit' for the imagination to create a timeless Catwalk through the mind.  This really is a  great card!
Nice of Jen to create and send in her "Lady-Like Post" to fashion conscious Heebee Jeebeeland. It somehow has a sort of Jules Verne appeal to it. A beautiful piece. Thank you Jen - See ya in the mail!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heebee Post #732 - Joey Patrickt - Oakland, California - USA

 Oakland resident Joey Patrickt sends in this clever new twist on an old postcard standard. I know the 'Occupy Oakland' was a particularly nasty business and, being from Oakland myself,  it was tough to watch. The beautiful card belies the atrocious mess that ensued and all I will say about those fiery episodes is, I'm glad it's over! Oakland gets a bad enough rap already and can be quite volatile if those folks don't figure out how to 'Change the channel'.
I have seen some of the snapshots Joey has taken during Occupy Oakland - great work - even if a little freaky. Ironically,  the rebel-souled Elvis Presley, seen above in that cool Artistamp, would never have been in the "99 Percent" although, there he is on the reverse side. What does this all mean anyway? Ask anybody  and get a different answer every time. I guess it's what it means to you, dear reader. Thanks, Joey and see you in the post box!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Heebee Post #731 - Katerina Nikoultsou - Thessaloniki - Greece

 They moved on, through the silky fog enshrouded mountains, their bold banner unfurled, their hearts the Loveland.....
 Katerina adds this friendly note to the back of her vibrant 'Lovecard'. I am sure glad she is able to keep her lovely disposition even as there is trouble-a-plenty within her wonderful, but financially worried, country.
It sure feels good, bathing in the light of the love of mail art like this. Thank you very much Kat. I like that interesting Grecian postage stamp and the IUOMA hand stamping too. Always a nice touch! See you in the mail Katerina.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heebee Post #730 - Fraenz Frisch - Bereldange - Luxembourg

 This handsome poster collage, a work created from torn remnants of other posters, sent in by the gentlemanly veteran mail artist Fraenz Frisch is a stunning large postcard for his project "Digital Photographs from Slashed/Torn Posters"  (See below).  Great work Fraenz.
 As you can see, at the top of the flyer above, Fraenz is declaring a finality to his considerable efforts as a mail artist. 2002 - 2012.  He shall be sorely missed.  Fraenz, in the Mail Art realm, is mostly known and admired for his being  a good natured cartoonist with a universally humorous appeal, although his artistic endeavors have led him down many paths for creation. Also, he leaves, perhaps, the largest comprehensive list of mail artists and their addresses for all mail artists to use and add on to. Adressen .
 Included in this entertaining package is the busy and urban feeling poster postcard seen above.
 I found this tiny detail in one of Fraenz's cards and enlarged it to display the friendliness that Fraenz invariably displayed in nearly all of his cartoon work. A happy 5 millimeter self portrait!
 Photography is also one of Fraenz's talents and there is something both melancholy and interesting about the above snap. An ancient wall, upon another ancient wall, upon another ancient wall - back to the distant source of origin! This photo held me a bit spellbound for a while!
 If I am not mistaken, these two drawings were created by the Frisch enkelkinder (grandchildren). The top Julie Frisch age 5 "Cat and Dog". Bottom: Nuria Frisch age 3 "Aquarium".  Nicely done - Keep up the good work kids!
And, finally, my favorite in the package is this shadow on sand portrait. It is obviously Fraenz in his his little hat taking the actual photo. His way of taking a bow. What a guy! See you in the mail for a while longer my friend - it has been fun.