Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heebee Post #730 - Fraenz Frisch - Bereldange - Luxembourg

 This handsome poster collage, a work created from torn remnants of other posters, sent in by the gentlemanly veteran mail artist Fraenz Frisch is a stunning large postcard for his project "Digital Photographs from Slashed/Torn Posters"  (See below).  Great work Fraenz.
 As you can see, at the top of the flyer above, Fraenz is declaring a finality to his considerable efforts as a mail artist. 2002 - 2012.  He shall be sorely missed.  Fraenz, in the Mail Art realm, is mostly known and admired for his being  a good natured cartoonist with a universally humorous appeal, although his artistic endeavors have led him down many paths for creation. Also, he leaves, perhaps, the largest comprehensive list of mail artists and their addresses for all mail artists to use and add on to. Adressen .
 Included in this entertaining package is the busy and urban feeling poster postcard seen above.
 I found this tiny detail in one of Fraenz's cards and enlarged it to display the friendliness that Fraenz invariably displayed in nearly all of his cartoon work. A happy 5 millimeter self portrait!
 Photography is also one of Fraenz's talents and there is something both melancholy and interesting about the above snap. An ancient wall, upon another ancient wall, upon another ancient wall - back to the distant source of origin! This photo held me a bit spellbound for a while!
 If I am not mistaken, these two drawings were created by the Frisch enkelkinder (grandchildren). The top Julie Frisch age 5 "Cat and Dog". Bottom: Nuria Frisch age 3 "Aquarium".  Nicely done - Keep up the good work kids!
And, finally, my favorite in the package is this shadow on sand portrait. It is obviously Fraenz in his his little hat taking the actual photo. His way of taking a bow. What a guy! See you in the mail for a while longer my friend - it has been fun.

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