Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heebee Post #743 - Marianne Laimer - Umea - Sweden

 "And if you do not find the way to the 4th Dimension........And then......what?". This ominously scrawled notation made by someone that, perhaps,  is lost between dimensions. And then what? Good question! This postcard is actually a altered photograph with some kind of rubbing solution. It is fantastically other worldly and created by an Ace of Mail Art.
It has been a long while since Marianne has visited Heebee Jeebeeland - And what glorious style she arrived in. This card is superb and conveys the dreadful sense of hopelessness she intended. Nicely done dear Marianne. She also writes that she has moved from her beautiful Swedish Island to the coastal town of Umea - the center for education and medical research. That city has also been elected as the "European Capital of Culture of 2014. Very nice to have you here again Marianne - I missed your wonderful art. Thank you and see ya in the mail!

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