Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heebee Post #164 - Art Tower - Aschaffenburg - Germany

Behold - The Thinkling! Just being near him brings on a cavalcade of vibrant happy thoughts and he always draws a crowd. No one here on the Island can be sure of this trans-dimensional visitor's origins and it is even doubtful that he is from the 3-D real world, but he is one of the more distinguished guests here on the Island.
Confuse-a-Tron Lounge's DJ Art Tower invited his brianiac friend to the discotheque and the Thinkling hasn't stopped flaunting it since he arrived here this morning! And check out those beautiful vintage rubber stampings! Thank you very much Gunter for this terrific card. Cousin Artie is actually visiting Heebee Jeebeeland from Germany - Yes, he is here in Washington just a few miles away and we have been having a grand time together -note the USA postage. See Gunter's Mail Art site: Art Tower Mail Art

Heebee Post #163 - Mailarta - Queen of Poste - Victoria, BC - Canda

The Heebee Jeebee Fashionistas are back and they came to awe Island guests with their eye-popping styles, untamed attitudes and wild behavior. Where else, except the 4th Dimension, can Art, Science, Fashion, Adventure and Fun come together in such a mind bending excercise of uninhibited joy?
Ladies and Gentlemen : Mailarta - Queen of Poste! Long time Monarch of fabulous Studio J in Victoria - She is a very well known and superb Mail Artist and 4-D celebrity - seen here in all her ATC splendor!
Dame Mailarta's Portrait Gallery Mail Art call and info on Mail Mania 4. And a gorgeous ATC between the two.
Mailarta seen here at a special Confuse-a-Tron Lounge VIP party held last Spring- note the party rating on the right!
Also included in this barrage of Mail Art coolness is a neat little Documentation Catalog for Mail Mania 3. Very nice! Thank you so very much my friend, this is a super package of frolicsome antics. You can usually find her Majesty holding court here: Mailarta's fun Mail Art Palace

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heebee Post #162 - Lorraine Kwan - Vancouver, BC - Canada

4th Dimensional pranksters Lorraine Kwan (right) and her friend Margaret receive a soothing mind cleansing inside the posh Confuse-a-Tron Lounge Spa. Ahhh....feel those worries washing away. Soon they will be guilt free and ready for Heebee nightlife!
Lorraine is well liked by Island locals and Heebee Jeebeeland is delighted to have her back in the 4th once again. Check out her Off The Hook project as she displays her wonderful Dialosauros Boothus that she created with fellow Artist Kath Macdonald. And her popular Mail Art site: Paper and Postage. Thank you very much Lorraine - She is such a gas!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heebee Post #161 - Russell Manning - Dallas, TX - USA

Intelligent plant life is found all along the Trans-4D Frontier and future tests are planned to determine just how smart these silent and fun loving creatures are.
A great depiction of Heebee Island Wildlife in it's natural habitat. These smart plants may soon be demanding rights as they continue to evolve in the 4th Dimension. Thank you very much Russell, I really like this - and nice to see you again my friend.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Heebee Post #160 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, CA - USA

Lawyers, Guns and Money! This "High Stakes Mobster" Heebee Attraction is definitely not for the squeamish or timid minded. Spend an Island afternoon or evening living as vintage gangster Bugs Moran or Legs Diamond would have. Plenty of thrills and danger here. And finally, back safely to tell your friends and family of your 4th Dimensional fast lane adventure.
Well, it is sure terrific to find Stan having a good time in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge again. The celebrated 4-D merrymaker has returned, up to his elbows in "Eights" again! Another fabulous postcard - thank you very much! Find more of this Artist's work here: Photo Askew

Heebee Post #159 - Diane Keys - Elgin, IL - USA

Documentation for the Mail Art Show "Dear Diary". This was Diane Keys fun project and I must say I had a particularly good time making something for this one.
Thank you very much Diane. Please let me know if you launch another project!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Heebee Post #158 - Peter Dowker - Lac-Brome, Quebec - Canada

Settling your fateful affair at the end of your life by the toss of a coin is an interesting notion. Peter's card is one of many that were given away as part of the "A Book About Death" Mail Art Show in NYC this last week. The show was sensational and many prominent Mail Artists and Fluxists were in attendance. The Brainchild of Matthew Rose, it must have been a blast by anybody's standards! Check it out: Book About Death Show
It is certainly a pleasure to have Peter strolling the jungle paths of Heebee Island again. His B.A.D. postcard really has a great conveyed feeling to it. Nice one Peter. I'm rather certain everybody that went to NYC for the show liked this one. Thanks for sharing it with the 4th Dimension as well! you can find Peter's popular Mail Art site here: Flip Flop Mail Art.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Heebee Post #157 - Eduardo Cardoso - Sines - Portugal

The Confuse-a-Tron Lounge stage has seen many acts and one of the more interesting ones seen lately (and gaining a quick following) is The 4-D Ventriloquist Dr. Hypnotic and his both humorous and terrifying dummy, "The Beast". Last night the audience become awkwardly spellbound when the sinister puppet Beast viciously bit Dr. Hypnotic and pranced about the stage howling loudly as the bleeding Doctor chased after the crazed jumping creature. Some laughed while others cried out in horror! Tickets for this evenings performance sold out early as a result!
Welcome to Heebee Island Eduardo. The 4th Dimension is certainly glad to have you here with this exciting "Paranormal" postcard! Thank you very much! Want to know more about Eduardo and his Paranormal Mail Art?" Try clicking here: Paranormal Mail Art. Nice Portuguese postage too! See you in the mail Mr. Cardoso!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heebee Post #156 - Katerina Nikoltsos - Thessaloniki - Greece

The Great Towers Festival is taking place on Heebee Island because of the extraordinary pairing up of the two Towers getting together for the first time in the 4th Dimension. Yes, Art Tower is visiting Heebee Jeebeeland (yes, here - see Heebee Post #155) from Germany and Katerina commemorates the event quite nicely with these majestic Heebee Towers.
Katerina explains about the December Exhibit of the project "Mail Art 2009 Greece" in the Tower at the Aristotle University in Greece on the right - as compared to the New Tower of Education on Heebee Island.
The cool Tower postcards were inside this very nicely decorated and beautiful envelope. A Mail Art Bon Voyage! Lovely Grecian postage makes it even better and of course, the Artistamps too! Thank you very much Katerina. She would like you to visit Mail Art 2009 - Greece

Heebee Post #155 - Art Tower - Aschaffenburg - Germany

Well folks, today was a grand occasion! Mail Artist and dear friend Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) came to visit Heebee Island from Germany. Here we see him taking in the fantastic other world of the 4th Dimension. Having fun yet Gunter? This is the first time the two Towers have actually met in person and we had a proper 4-D blast!
There really is no place like Heebee Jeebeeland as an astonished Art Tower will happily report. Wonders just never cease here! Looks like it's time to hit the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge. Art Tower is well known as a cutting edge guest party DJ and really brings the groove with him.
Glad you could make the trip here my friend. The pleasure was mine. I will not soon forget your visit here and I dearly hope you will return. And Gunter just may return next May for the Heebee Jeebeeland Mail Art Show in Centralia when we actually turn the gallery into the 4th Dimension! You can find Gunter's Mail Art site here: ARTTOWER Mail Art

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heebee Post #154 - Crazyre' - Raceland, LA - USA

Faces emerge obscurely, grin and disappear back into the String Theory Light Show during an evening in the dazzling Confuse-a-Tron Lounge Discotheque. Like a brilliantly illuminated atomic dust storm, this Trans 4-D psychedelic extravaganza is very popular with the night-life crowd on the IslandI love this card! Crazyre's debut here on the Island is just stunning! Thanks very much for this fabulous submission - Ain't the 4th Dimension grand folks? Great job Crazyre'!

Heebee Post #153 - Joan Desmond - Lake Isabella, CA - USA

"Fresh from our 4-D Orchards" boasts the sign above the Juice Station in the Breakfast area of the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge. These Heebee fruit trees rival the very best in the ordinary 3-D world as many Island guests happily report. Above is Joanie's ethereal "Adam's Apple Tree".
The reverse side has the timeless classic Mail Art appeal to it. A marvelous "International Mail Art" rubber stamping at the top is very cool. That "Art with Mail and Mail with Art" Artistamp is nice too. Thank you very much Joan, this really is a super card. Want to see what else this interesting artist is up to? Click here: A passion for creativity!

Heebee Post # 152 - Jennifer Zoellner - St. Petersburg, FL - USA

The vast Heebee jungle interior is a fascinating place. It is a vibrant patchwork of incredible diversity, that of which is not known in the real 3-D world. These are still the "wild frontier days" of a young 4th Dimension in terms of exploration and anything is possible and can happen out here.
Hey, I know those guys! Jennifer bumps into some old 4-D friends of mine while on Heebee Safari. Jen knows the Island jungle expanse well enough to travel it and is actually quite a celebrity here. Those guys may have even asked for an autograph from this Mail Art Princess!
Jen's recent and fab Chromatophore Mail Art Show generated this fantastic little documentation booklet. That show was quite a spectacle for those who love the medium. She is launching a new pair of interesting projects: Mail and sketch 2010 and Ur Toy Story. Sounds like fun - see you in the mail Jen.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Heebee Post #151 - Seren - Redondo Beach, CA - USA

Ladies of the Mystic Card Readers Guild meet every Saturday afternoon in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge for Cocktails and fortune swapping. There are no secrets between this merry band of mysterious women as they are constantly updating each others fate.
Seren included several pages of excellent current and ongoing documentation for her project "Transitions / Renewal Art Call". This is done very nicely and looks great!
This Heebee Bulletin Board is full of various international Mail Art projects to join in and enjoy. Click on it to see details. She also included an extensive list of Mail Artists and their addresses. Thank you very much Seren.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heebee Post #150 - Roxanne Clark - Toas, NM - USA

"Just imagine....It's me"! This new Attraction is catching on fast with Island guests. Step into the Concept Chamber and concentrate on an image memory, humans have millions of these tidbits stored in their brains. These machine enhanced controlled thoughts will become astoundingly clear and visible. Mix 'em up.....get funky with it! Here, through the viewer window, we see an interesting Sheemaid....or is it Merheep? Perhaps little Lucy is having a jolly time of it - or maybe it is brother Billy prancing about in the surf and the turf? Either way, it is further proof that the 4th Dimension can be a lot of fun for the whole family.
Heebee beaches are sure glad to have Roxanne making footprints on them again. Super postcard and I love the vintage Ben's that make a nice postage fashion statement. Thank you very much Roxanne.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heebee Post #148 and #149 - Coralette Damme - St. Petersburg, FL - USA

Looking smashing while adorned in his award winning smile, it is always a grand site to witness the Jumbo Smartfish as he playfully navigates Heebee Island waters. This friendly creature is often sited wandering the 4-D Archipelago of the Heebee Territories. A lovely block print.
Coralette's fab return to the Island is accompanied by a bit of a mystery - namely the whereabouts of a previous and missing 3-Eyed Mail Art Monster sent to Heebee Jeebeeland a month or so ago. Now where did that little fellow get off to?
Voila! A double shot of Coralette! Searching Heebee Jeebeeland for the wayward 3-Eyed monster mentioned above - I found this little guy creeping around in the "already posted" mail art - and sure enough, it was never posted. Not sure how that little mishap occurred, but I will say this: This has happened twice here in the 4th Dimension. Both times it was Coralette's Mail Art! I am dreadfully sorry about that - I sit in my hut, a portrait of shame............
I like this picture of the little Bugger, as he contemplates his origins, the best. Very nice to have you back in the 4th Coralette. She has gone on to hatch a Mail Call of her own: Dread Lippencott's Menagerie Coralette is also known as the Crafty Hag: craftyhag.com. Thank you very much.

Monday, September 7, 2009

You gotta be kidding me!!!

As one of my favorite Rock and Roll Artists once sang: The times they are a-changin'! Wow.... Saw these headlines in our local rag over the weekend. Our glorious Post Office was built from bricks and blocks in 1937 and it is a beauty! I shall dearly miss it and it's whole aura. This is happening all over the USA. I guess if your business was 7 Billion in the hole, it would mean taking stern measures too......but......but......really.....this? Ugh.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heebee Post #147 - Frances H. Haney - Gulfport, FL - USA

When puppets and scary dolls in the 3-D real world come to life, they are often regarded as quite scary and malevolent. In the 4th Dimension, however, these misunderstood creatures enjoy a happy existence living in colonies deep in the remote Heebee Jungle interior. These isolated tribes are probably best left to themselves and rarely have contact with Island visitors.
Fran has included this pair of humorous Heebee vignettes about a fear mongering hand puppet. I had to smile when "Mr. Heebie Jeebie" demanded another beer! That's the sort of kindred spirit that is often found here in this wonderful new dimension. It is a pleasure to have you back on the Island Fran and thank you very much.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Heebee Post #146 - Wilma Duguay - Bonaventure, QC - Canada

Out having fun Kayaking, Wilma suddenly finds herself being pulled through a whirlpool vortex into the 4th Dimension! Wilma loves it when that happens! Welcome back to Heebee Jeebeeland my friend.
Wilma is having a lot of fun with her Mail Call "The Sea Exhibition". You can find it here: wilmaduguay.blogspot.com Great to find you back on the Island my friend - but don't you get dizzy arriving here in a spinning Kayak? Oh - and old Cottony meows hello - (the helmet remark here is a long story folks).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Heebee Post #144 and #145 - Double Mystery - ? - USA

"The Land of Sumptuousness" is how this magnificent daily buffet is called in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge Cafeteria and Bistro. The 4th Dimension is well known for all manner of culinary adventure and Heebee Island Resort kitchens never disappoint the excited taste buds of hungry guests.
Here we see the back side of this tremendous Heebee postcard - an effort that must, unfortunately, go Artist unrecognized. Wonder indeed. Thank you very much for your 4th Dimensional participation, it is nice work.
There are some sections of the 4th Dimension Ocean floor that is entirely living organic tissue and, in fact, is actually one gigantic creature that can stretch and extend iteself out for quite an expanse - Multiple glaring eyes, hungry snapping mouths, pulsating breathing filter holes and countless reaching tentacles. Swimming in these areas is at your own risk!
Mystery Heebee card #2 - a brilliant postcard! It says "....the romanticism of a soulful surrealism......" gotta listen when folks wax poetically like that! A great job was done here by whoever this anonymous Artist may be. Thank you very much my ? friend.