Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heebee Post #164 - Art Tower - Aschaffenburg - Germany

Behold - The Thinkling! Just being near him brings on a cavalcade of vibrant happy thoughts and he always draws a crowd. No one here on the Island can be sure of this trans-dimensional visitor's origins and it is even doubtful that he is from the 3-D real world, but he is one of the more distinguished guests here on the Island.
Confuse-a-Tron Lounge's DJ Art Tower invited his brianiac friend to the discotheque and the Thinkling hasn't stopped flaunting it since he arrived here this morning! And check out those beautiful vintage rubber stampings! Thank you very much Gunter for this terrific card. Cousin Artie is actually visiting Heebee Jeebeeland from Germany - Yes, he is here in Washington just a few miles away and we have been having a grand time together -note the USA postage. See Gunter's Mail Art site: Art Tower Mail Art

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