Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heebee Post #163 - Mailarta - Queen of Poste - Victoria, BC - Canda

The Heebee Jeebee Fashionistas are back and they came to awe Island guests with their eye-popping styles, untamed attitudes and wild behavior. Where else, except the 4th Dimension, can Art, Science, Fashion, Adventure and Fun come together in such a mind bending excercise of uninhibited joy?
Ladies and Gentlemen : Mailarta - Queen of Poste! Long time Monarch of fabulous Studio J in Victoria - She is a very well known and superb Mail Artist and 4-D celebrity - seen here in all her ATC splendor!
Dame Mailarta's Portrait Gallery Mail Art call and info on Mail Mania 4. And a gorgeous ATC between the two.
Mailarta seen here at a special Confuse-a-Tron Lounge VIP party held last Spring- note the party rating on the right!
Also included in this barrage of Mail Art coolness is a neat little Documentation Catalog for Mail Mania 3. Very nice! Thank you so very much my friend, this is a super package of frolicsome antics. You can usually find her Majesty holding court here: Mailarta's fun Mail Art Palace

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