Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heebee Post #147 - Frances H. Haney - Gulfport, FL - USA

When puppets and scary dolls in the 3-D real world come to life, they are often regarded as quite scary and malevolent. In the 4th Dimension, however, these misunderstood creatures enjoy a happy existence living in colonies deep in the remote Heebee Jungle interior. These isolated tribes are probably best left to themselves and rarely have contact with Island visitors.
Fran has included this pair of humorous Heebee vignettes about a fear mongering hand puppet. I had to smile when "Mr. Heebie Jeebie" demanded another beer! That's the sort of kindred spirit that is often found here in this wonderful new dimension. It is a pleasure to have you back on the Island Fran and thank you very much.

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