Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heebee Post #156 - Katerina Nikoltsos - Thessaloniki - Greece

The Great Towers Festival is taking place on Heebee Island because of the extraordinary pairing up of the two Towers getting together for the first time in the 4th Dimension. Yes, Art Tower is visiting Heebee Jeebeeland (yes, here - see Heebee Post #155) from Germany and Katerina commemorates the event quite nicely with these majestic Heebee Towers.
Katerina explains about the December Exhibit of the project "Mail Art 2009 Greece" in the Tower at the Aristotle University in Greece on the right - as compared to the New Tower of Education on Heebee Island.
The cool Tower postcards were inside this very nicely decorated and beautiful envelope. A Mail Art Bon Voyage! Lovely Grecian postage makes it even better and of course, the Artistamps too! Thank you very much Katerina. She would like you to visit Mail Art 2009 - Greece

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