Saturday, September 19, 2009

Heebee Post #158 - Peter Dowker - Lac-Brome, Quebec - Canada

Settling your fateful affair at the end of your life by the toss of a coin is an interesting notion. Peter's card is one of many that were given away as part of the "A Book About Death" Mail Art Show in NYC this last week. The show was sensational and many prominent Mail Artists and Fluxists were in attendance. The Brainchild of Matthew Rose, it must have been a blast by anybody's standards! Check it out: Book About Death Show
It is certainly a pleasure to have Peter strolling the jungle paths of Heebee Island again. His B.A.D. postcard really has a great conveyed feeling to it. Nice one Peter. I'm rather certain everybody that went to NYC for the show liked this one. Thanks for sharing it with the 4th Dimension as well! you can find Peter's popular Mail Art site here: Flip Flop Mail Art.


  1. I picked up Peter's card... and a few hundred others. Funny--this A Book About Death Show will refuse to just go away. I like that. I also like that it came to the island.

    All the best, jz

  2. Thanks.
    Could say we're keeping "A Book About Death" alive.