Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Heebee Post #144 and #145 - Double Mystery - ? - USA

"The Land of Sumptuousness" is how this magnificent daily buffet is called in the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge Cafeteria and Bistro. The 4th Dimension is well known for all manner of culinary adventure and Heebee Island Resort kitchens never disappoint the excited taste buds of hungry guests.
Here we see the back side of this tremendous Heebee postcard - an effort that must, unfortunately, go Artist unrecognized. Wonder indeed. Thank you very much for your 4th Dimensional participation, it is nice work.
There are some sections of the 4th Dimension Ocean floor that is entirely living organic tissue and, in fact, is actually one gigantic creature that can stretch and extend iteself out for quite an expanse - Multiple glaring eyes, hungry snapping mouths, pulsating breathing filter holes and countless reaching tentacles. Swimming in these areas is at your own risk!
Mystery Heebee card #2 - a brilliant postcard! It says "....the romanticism of a soulful surrealism......" gotta listen when folks wax poetically like that! A great job was done here by whoever this anonymous Artist may be. Thank you very much my ? friend.

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  1. How did that happen??? Here to claim the two Mystery postcards. I never notice these things until I go looking for myself. Nice you liked 'em, will send some more!