Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heebee Post #143 - Katerina Nikolstou - Thessoloniki - Greece

Among the guided tours available on Heebee Island for photo taking opportunities, there is the Tower Tour. These majestic towers appear all over the 4-D Territories and they are awesome to behold. Built in tribute to the Island's curator (Test Tower), they stand in wondrous triumph, signifying the independence of the 4th Dimension from the 3-D real world's attempt to control and tame this brave new existence.
Varying in shape and size, these amazing monolithic structures keep Heebee Island visitor's cameras happily clicking away.
As stated on this Mail Call invitation, this is your last chance to send in your submissions for exhibition (Deadline: Sept. 15). Heeebee Island is proudly sending something this week and perhaps you may want to consider doing the same. This project can be found here:
Katerina had so much fun here recently, that she decided to jump back into the 4th Dimension to show off her splendid Tower photos and resume her cavorting. I like your thinking Katerina and we are certainly glad to see you here once again so soon. Love your IUOMA artistamps, those cool rubber stampings and also that great pair of Grecian postage stamps. Thank you!

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