Friday, August 14, 2009

Heebee Post #134 - Jennifer Zoellner - St. Petersburg, FL - USA

It's nice to see that Folks are primping up for their Heebee Island Paradise vacation experience for the troubled minds of Mail Artists. It is not entirely necessary as the 4th Dimension is wholly acceptable of all Mail Artists no matter how attired or adorned. Heebee Island does provide their many facilities with superior hygiene products to ensure proper health while visiting this fantastic realm.
The words "Audax at Fidelic" appears on Jen's postcard. It translates to "Bold but Faithful". Does this apply to Bingo playing as well as life in the 4th Dimension? Perhaps, even more so! Thank you for this great postcard Jen. Boy has she been busy lately - Her Chromatophore Mail Art show is coming right up. Stay tuned.
Also received this beautiful invitation to the Chromo show. If you are anywhere near the St. Pete area (Florida) you really should consider going to the opening. It will be quite a lively affair! August 27th everybody! Find more details regarding this awesome display and happening below.
This show should really be a whopper for Mail Art enthusiasts. Thanks for all you do for the medium Jen - You are a Gem!

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