Sunday, March 30, 2014

Heebee Post #1096 - The Crafty Hag (Coralette Damme) - St. Petersburg, Florida - USA

 The good ol' Hag is back at it again folks, consorting with Goblins and Bear-like Trolls that she carves out of rubber or linoleum, etc. This Vampire-Bruin looks as if he's just awakened from a thirsty hibernation. Happy Spring!
As the dear Hag writes, "Long time, no mail", it has been a long while since that cackling Hag has strolled along  Heebee Jeebee shores and she has been missed by the 4th Dimension. Her Dread Lippencott Menagerie is back in order and you can visit her there or here: Crafty Hag Art. Thank you very much Coralette, nice to know the friendly Hag is back in mail art action! I sent you something this very wet morning so, see ya in the mail!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Heebee Post #1095 - Eddie Nero - Eugene, Oregon - USA

 I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the inimitable Eddie Nero at the now legendary Ex Postal Facto show in SF last month. Eddie has a great engaging smile and I sensed a hint of art mischief in him as well (I guess it takes one to know one, right?). This entertaining card he sent seems to be a mash of Rock Stars- Don't I detect Bowie and Hendrix? - and is it just those two?  Hmm......

Eddie's rubber stamping looks and feels good - especially if you share a likemindedness regarding Eddie's, and my own, disposition towards Art. Super.

 Eddie displays a nice bit of philatelic splendor with his "Hitam Post" postage. I couldn't really reproduce this lovely stamp properly but, seen in person, you would agree that it is top notch quality and a wonderful style that Eddie has developed. I love this stamp.
 The other "Hitam Post" stamp featured on the card is a cry for being better human beings - I salute your thinking. I really like the certified Hitam post cancellation too. Nice touch.
I sure am glad I got to meet you Eddie - You live in Eugene, right on my way to California. Would be fun to get  together at some point, sound okay to you? See you in the mail Mr. Nero.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heebee Post #1094 - Ka van Haasteren - The Hague - The Netherlands

Getting something in the mail from Ka is like sharing an adventure in her colorful and happy 'garden of delights' - as if this gorgeous envelope is holding the hands of your eyes and takes them for a little stroll down a psychedelic sunnier side of the street.

That "Ka-Mail-Art" postage stamp is strikingly intense and colorfully ornate. Wow, killer stamp Ka!

 "When you collect the right resources and people, everything is possible". I really dig Ka's optimistic viewpoint. I am inclined to agree with the extremely creative artist. This is actually the envelope slit all the way open, showing off this important public service message. Superbly done.
 I have wondered from time to time, if attached twins lead lives less lonely because they are always together - Or is it the contrary? Perhaps even isolating themselves from the eyes of others by living in complete privacy. Let's call this one: "Ka's Conumdrum"!
What a plush display of colors and patterns - the imagination instantly wants to wade into the swimming textures - yeah, feels good in there. Thank you very much for visiting Heebee Jeebeeland Ka. I'm sending you out a little souvenir from the Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco.  Great work. You can see some of Ka's other work here van Haasteren Art and here: van Hasteren Mail Art..  See you in the mail Ka!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Heebee Post #1093 -Pamela Gerard - San Francisco, California - USA

 Pamela sends in a very bustling picture card showing off the beehive of Passport stamping at the Mail Art Show Opening on day #1 of Ex Postal Facto at the SF Center for the Book last Feb. It's been a month since that extraordinary event and I just know that is still fresh in the minds of those who participated. The frantic pace of everybody trying to get everybody else's marks and stamps was sustained for nearly two hours.

I know that I (yes, that's me), sure stamped a lot of the fashionable little red Passports that almost everyone carried around, held open for the next artist to do his thing. The marks, between the artists, was a magnificent spectrum of thoughts and musings declaring their  own ID and/or message or idea. As you can see, I was happily attired in my vintage Happy Coat I acquired from early 1970's Tokyo.

The special Test Tower "'EX Postal Facto" rubber stamp I was using. And I used it alot - I had to blow on it a couple of times to cool it down from so much jolly usage!
 Pamela has an arsenal of all kinds of cool rubber stamps. I love this kind of good natured postal mayhem.
 I love that "It's Free!" Mail Art stamping on the right.
Thank you Pamela, I remember you taking that pic and wondered if I would ever get to see it. Thanks so much for that. And, as I wrote on the little something I sent to you yesterday, you are a fun person to know. Folks, you can read her very popular site here: Cappucino and Art Journal.. See you in the mail my friend!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Heebee Post #1092 - C.T. Chew (Part #1) - Seattle, Washington - USA

 "Ogni eon ha il suo Eroe" = "Every eon has it's hero".  Cavellini 1914-2014!
This incredible envelope  was delivered this afternoon by a very quizzically looking Mail Man. There is usually no mistaking something from the mind melting vision of Triangle Post.  Carl is at the height of his particular brand of monumental absurdity in a meaningful and important manner - with this envelope and it's contents.

 A closer look at some odd detail from the envelope. Also: a special rubber stamping of Triangle Post attending XPF. I'll be reporting more on Carl at EX Postal Pacto in SF in a following post

 This close examination of the Cavellini stamps really puts on a show for the viewer's eyes. They are merely marked "TRI" and each one is unique, composing an even larger pattern - fantastic!
This majestic and mesmerizing Artistamp sheet, awash in Chew's psychedelic Philatelia, is a stupendous tribute to my own personal favorite Mail Artist of all time: Guglielmo Achille Cavellini. Evidently, Carl feels about the same. I can't wait to frame this one (A4). Thank you very much Carl. Love, love, love this sheet. More of the great Cavellini and the projects currently being executed in his honor can be found here: Cavellini Plan. and here: Project Cavellini. See you in the mail Carl.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heebee Post #1091 - Susan McAllister - Berkeley, California - USA

 Looks like a frolicking and well attired Susan was having fun bounding about the XPF Hapenning , now,  a couple of weeks ago, in San Francisco, CA. - The racous and colorful Chinese New Years parade started right after the Saturday XPF Epo Show.; which is right downtown, where we were, about a block or so away and you actually get 2 spectacles for the price of one. Looks like Susan is dressed appropriately for both lively occasions 
 The pleasure was all mine Susan,. And wasn't it fun being around so many like-minded people (like you!).  Heebee Jeebeeland magnets - this one: "Pacifica, goddess of the Barbary Coast:",  used to commemorate the now legendary Ex Postal Facto 3 day extravaganza in SF - Anyway, there are still a few left (I made 20 more)Please! -  Just ask! Nobody with a refrigerator should be left to suffer through life without one of the courageous little gals to help vangard the way. Remember: "Fortune favors the bold"! 

I had to get a closer look at this Mail Box transference machine "Beam me up Post Office General"! "Pushing the envelope".  Nicely done Susan - I hope to meet you again some day- In the meanwhile, let's continue our "Pushing the envelope" in our own rambunctious ways.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1090 - Joey Patrickt - Oakland, California - USA

 As I was happily stamping passports for the XPF expo on Saturday, when suddenly this business card appeared on the table in front of me. I recognized the cool looking , bearded Cardinal instantly and looking up I was greeted with the smiling jollity of Joey Patrickt.
Interestingly, today,  Joey sends in this altered postcard that is actually a Wisconsin card with the SF/Oakland bay bridge tossed in, on top of it - adorned with the XPF blessing from the beguiling Bishop. 
 I was certainly glad to meet Joey, after all this time - knowing him only through the mail. He lives in the town I was born in (Oakland) and so, I have that in common with him as well. And the next time you are traveling up north, Joey, please let me know! Visiting is always approved of here, in the 4th Dimension. Seriously though, it was great to have met you. See you in the mail my friend.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Heebee Post #1089 - Ex Postal Facto (Part #5) - Jas W Felter - San Francisco Public Library - USA

 It is difficult for me to pry myself back out of Jas's Pre-Columbian, scrubbed clean, primordial, nearly cartoonish except for their sense of importance, lively jungle. As if conveying Felter's seriousness about his South American studies and adventures.

This is my favorite sheet of Artistamps that I left the XPF venders expo with. There is something about these "Ecuadada" stamps that put me in a sort of reverie of fascination. Postes Mraur, Jas's trademark postage, intrigues me to no end. This was the second time we have met and it felt very good and happy to see him again.

 Jas was part of a panel of distinguished stamp makers and discussed his amazing life and the development and the evolvement of his artistamp
creations. The audience was held in rapt attention. It was quite a tale.
Perhaps I should explain about the panels. This was Day #3 of XPF and took place at the S.F. Public Library, downstairs in the glorious building, in a conference room. Two panels were held for interviews and storytelling. This was the second of the panels with Jennie moderating, Jas Felter, Harley, James Cline and with Ginny Lloyd coming in remotely (from Florida?) on the big screen above their heads. It was, of course, spellbinding!

I was also fortunate to get a sheet of AARPEX stamps from Jas. I have a big poster of this stamp on my wall from the Seattle Artistamp Expo Nov. 2012. Now the sheet too!
I just can't get enough of Jas's "Postes Mraur" and warned him that inevitably, I shall be up in Vancouver for a visit in the not too distant future. Happily for me, he seemed glad about that prospect!  Thanks very much Jas! Jas Cyberspace.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Heebee Post #1088 - Ex Postal Facto (Part #4) - Jack Lattemann, Cascadia Outpost - Saturday,Day #2 Expo, Elk's lodge, Kensington Hotel, San Francisco - USA

 I received this wicked cool silhouette of an XPF San Francisco sunset from Cascadia Outpost - sent to me from the XPF Expo Happening in SF.

 I was dieing to  get one to get one of these from somebody (I should have sent one to myself!), just to see the unique cancellation. Jenny somehow managed to acquire an "SF Center for the Book" special postal cancellation that you can see here upon this closer examination.
I am lucky enough to live near Jack up in Western Wash. and have become pretty good pals, in fact he helped me make my own sheets of stamps - Thanks Jack. Anyway, I was hangin' out with Jack at the Cascadia Outpost at the Saturday's Expo and was fortunate to get these beautiful artistamp sheets

This terrific stamp is stunning seen first hand. Looks a little off here, although obviously, Jack's excellence in artistamp creation can be astonishing! I love the color scheme going on here - just takes the viewer away.

I like this snap of Jack as he draws pictures with his hands as he happily carries on . He's a fun guy to talk to, especially when he is having an amazing day  himself. And let me tell ya, this was an amazing day, by anybody's standards.
 I am also happy to report that this remarkable stampsheet is now in my collection - Thanks, Jack. I couldn't really scan and duplicate it well for some reason but, it kicks seen live!

Looses a bit of detail close up - not Jack's fault, it's clarity is perfect, ah well, have to own one to really appreciate it - and I do and I do!

Jack, good naturedly busily manning the Cascadia Outpost table, while wielding his rubber stampings for one of the little red passports that nearly everybody was carrying around. And yes, that's me with Jack - we had a blast! See you back up north Jack, for a nice sumptuous luncheon as we blab about our XPF adventures! Also, I think you are getting something from me later today that I mailed a couple of days ago. In the mail, my friend, in the mail.........Ex Postal Facto Official site.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Heebee Post #1087 - Ex Postal Facto (XPF) (Part #3) - San Francisco - Maureen Forys - USA

 One of the many brilliant acquisitions I managed to collect was this ingenious set of "Historical Birds of the United States Postal Service" artistamps. The above panel is from the little information booklet that accompanied the magnificent stamp sheet. This folks, is superbly done with an exquisite quality and a grand sense of humor that really seemed to satisfy my need for it.  
 Maureen really has accomplished greatness with this important looking, museum quality, masterpiece of Philatelia! I must also add that Maureen is a pleasure to meet - vivacious and  friendly. Not to mention that she is one of the "XPF Masterminds" that were integral to the show. Maureen sets the bar pretty high for artistamp making but, luckily for the XPF crowd, there were plenty of creative geniuses in that mass of merrymaking artists of the postage creation type.
 Each page of the official-like booklet describes one of the birds from the stamp sheet. This one is "Stamping Swallows".  You can click on that image to get a better look. The descriptions are astonishing, to say the least. "Their nimble beaks and swooping prowess allowed them to excel at the task of applying postage accurately and quickly!".
This commemorative of the "Routing Roosters", another fine example of  Maureen winking mischievously as her sophisticated humor just goes full tilt! Thank you very much Maureen, so glad I got to meet and trade with you. I love "The Birds", astounded by it frankly and it's going into a frame and on the wall directly! By the way, I've just sent you something yesterday. Enjoy!