Monday, March 24, 2014

Heebee Post #1093 -Pamela Gerard - San Francisco, California - USA

 Pamela sends in a very bustling picture card showing off the beehive of Passport stamping at the Mail Art Show Opening on day #1 of Ex Postal Facto at the SF Center for the Book last Feb. It's been a month since that extraordinary event and I just know that is still fresh in the minds of those who participated. The frantic pace of everybody trying to get everybody else's marks and stamps was sustained for nearly two hours.

I know that I (yes, that's me), sure stamped a lot of the fashionable little red Passports that almost everyone carried around, held open for the next artist to do his thing. The marks, between the artists, was a magnificent spectrum of thoughts and musings declaring their  own ID and/or message or idea. As you can see, I was happily attired in my vintage Happy Coat I acquired from early 1970's Tokyo.

The special Test Tower "'EX Postal Facto" rubber stamp I was using. And I used it alot - I had to blow on it a couple of times to cool it down from so much jolly usage!
 Pamela has an arsenal of all kinds of cool rubber stamps. I love this kind of good natured postal mayhem.
 I love that "It's Free!" Mail Art stamping on the right.
Thank you Pamela, I remember you taking that pic and wondered if I would ever get to see it. Thanks so much for that. And, as I wrote on the little something I sent to you yesterday, you are a fun person to know. Folks, you can read her very popular site here: Cappucino and Art Journal.. See you in the mail my friend!


  1. Great post, Test tower and I got your mail today. thank you. Loved your XPF artistamps with the XPF tattoo.

  2. Hi Pamela, I really must say thank you for the snaps you took. Glad you like the XPF tattoo stamp - a few more of those are looking for mail boxes to reside in. Anybody interested in having your very own? Just ask!