Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heebee Post #1094 - Ka van Haasteren - The Hague - The Netherlands

Getting something in the mail from Ka is like sharing an adventure in her colorful and happy 'garden of delights' - as if this gorgeous envelope is holding the hands of your eyes and takes them for a little stroll down a psychedelic sunnier side of the street.

That "Ka-Mail-Art" postage stamp is strikingly intense and colorfully ornate. Wow, killer stamp Ka!

 "When you collect the right resources and people, everything is possible". I really dig Ka's optimistic viewpoint. I am inclined to agree with the extremely creative artist. This is actually the envelope slit all the way open, showing off this important public service message. Superbly done.
 I have wondered from time to time, if attached twins lead lives less lonely because they are always together - Or is it the contrary? Perhaps even isolating themselves from the eyes of others by living in complete privacy. Let's call this one: "Ka's Conumdrum"!
What a plush display of colors and patterns - the imagination instantly wants to wade into the swimming textures - yeah, feels good in there. Thank you very much for visiting Heebee Jeebeeland Ka. I'm sending you out a little souvenir from the Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco.  Great work. You can see some of Ka's other work here van Haasteren Art and here: van Hasteren Mail Art..  See you in the mail Ka!

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  1. Excellment envelope -- what's inside too. You met a lot folks at XPF!!