Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Heebee Post #1089 - Ex Postal Facto (Part #5) - Jas W Felter - San Francisco Public Library - USA

 It is difficult for me to pry myself back out of Jas's Pre-Columbian, scrubbed clean, primordial, nearly cartoonish except for their sense of importance, lively jungle. As if conveying Felter's seriousness about his South American studies and adventures.

This is my favorite sheet of Artistamps that I left the XPF venders expo with. There is something about these "Ecuadada" stamps that put me in a sort of reverie of fascination. Postes Mraur, Jas's trademark postage, intrigues me to no end. This was the second time we have met and it felt very good and happy to see him again.

 Jas was part of a panel of distinguished stamp makers and discussed his amazing life and the development and the evolvement of his artistamp
creations. The audience was held in rapt attention. It was quite a tale.
Perhaps I should explain about the panels. This was Day #3 of XPF and took place at the S.F. Public Library, downstairs in the glorious building, in a conference room. Two panels were held for interviews and storytelling. This was the second of the panels with Jennie moderating, Jas Felter, Harley, James Cline and with Ginny Lloyd coming in remotely (from Florida?) on the big screen above their heads. It was, of course, spellbinding!

I was also fortunate to get a sheet of AARPEX stamps from Jas. I have a big poster of this stamp on my wall from the Seattle Artistamp Expo Nov. 2012. Now the sheet too!
I just can't get enough of Jas's "Postes Mraur" and warned him that inevitably, I shall be up in Vancouver for a visit in the not too distant future. Happily for me, he seemed glad about that prospect!  Thanks very much Jas! Jas Cyberspace.

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