Monday, March 3, 2014

Heebee Post #1088 - Ex Postal Facto (Part #4) - Jack Lattemann, Cascadia Outpost - Saturday,Day #2 Expo, Elk's lodge, Kensington Hotel, San Francisco - USA

 I received this wicked cool silhouette of an XPF San Francisco sunset from Cascadia Outpost - sent to me from the XPF Expo Happening in SF.

 I was dieing to  get one to get one of these from somebody (I should have sent one to myself!), just to see the unique cancellation. Jenny somehow managed to acquire an "SF Center for the Book" special postal cancellation that you can see here upon this closer examination.
I am lucky enough to live near Jack up in Western Wash. and have become pretty good pals, in fact he helped me make my own sheets of stamps - Thanks Jack. Anyway, I was hangin' out with Jack at the Cascadia Outpost at the Saturday's Expo and was fortunate to get these beautiful artistamp sheets

This terrific stamp is stunning seen first hand. Looks a little off here, although obviously, Jack's excellence in artistamp creation can be astonishing! I love the color scheme going on here - just takes the viewer away.

I like this snap of Jack as he draws pictures with his hands as he happily carries on . He's a fun guy to talk to, especially when he is having an amazing day  himself. And let me tell ya, this was an amazing day, by anybody's standards.
 I am also happy to report that this remarkable stampsheet is now in my collection - Thanks, Jack. I couldn't really scan and duplicate it well for some reason but, it kicks seen live!

Looses a bit of detail close up - not Jack's fault, it's clarity is perfect, ah well, have to own one to really appreciate it - and I do and I do!

Jack, good naturedly busily manning the Cascadia Outpost table, while wielding his rubber stampings for one of the little red passports that nearly everybody was carrying around. And yes, that's me with Jack - we had a blast! See you back up north Jack, for a nice sumptuous luncheon as we blab about our XPF adventures! Also, I think you are getting something from me later today that I mailed a couple of days ago. In the mail, my friend, in the mail.........Ex Postal Facto Official site.

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