Friday, March 28, 2014

Heebee Post #1095 - Eddie Nero - Eugene, Oregon - USA

 I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the inimitable Eddie Nero at the now legendary Ex Postal Facto show in SF last month. Eddie has a great engaging smile and I sensed a hint of art mischief in him as well (I guess it takes one to know one, right?). This entertaining card he sent seems to be a mash of Rock Stars- Don't I detect Bowie and Hendrix? - and is it just those two?  Hmm......

Eddie's rubber stamping looks and feels good - especially if you share a likemindedness regarding Eddie's, and my own, disposition towards Art. Super.

 Eddie displays a nice bit of philatelic splendor with his "Hitam Post" postage. I couldn't really reproduce this lovely stamp properly but, seen in person, you would agree that it is top notch quality and a wonderful style that Eddie has developed. I love this stamp.
 The other "Hitam Post" stamp featured on the card is a cry for being better human beings - I salute your thinking. I really like the certified Hitam post cancellation too. Nice touch.
I sure am glad I got to meet you Eddie - You live in Eugene, right on my way to California. Would be fun to get  together at some point, sound okay to you? See you in the mail Mr. Nero.

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