Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heebee Post #1091 - Susan McAllister - Berkeley, California - USA

 Looks like a frolicking and well attired Susan was having fun bounding about the XPF Hapenning , now,  a couple of weeks ago, in San Francisco, CA. - The racous and colorful Chinese New Years parade started right after the Saturday XPF Epo Show.; which is right downtown, where we were, about a block or so away and you actually get 2 spectacles for the price of one. Looks like Susan is dressed appropriately for both lively occasions 
 The pleasure was all mine Susan,. And wasn't it fun being around so many like-minded people (like you!).  Heebee Jeebeeland magnets - this one: "Pacifica, goddess of the Barbary Coast:",  used to commemorate the now legendary Ex Postal Facto 3 day extravaganza in SF - Anyway, there are still a few left (I made 20 more)Please! -  Just ask! Nobody with a refrigerator should be left to suffer through life without one of the courageous little gals to help vangard the way. Remember: "Fortune favors the bold"! 

I had to get a closer look at this Mail Box transference machine "Beam me up Post Office General"! "Pushing the envelope".  Nicely done Susan - I hope to meet you again some day- In the meanwhile, let's continue our "Pushing the envelope" in our own rambunctious ways.

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