Saturday, March 1, 2014

Heebee Post #1087 - Ex Postal Facto (XPF) (Part #3) - San Francisco - Maureen Forys - USA

 One of the many brilliant acquisitions I managed to collect was this ingenious set of "Historical Birds of the United States Postal Service" artistamps. The above panel is from the little information booklet that accompanied the magnificent stamp sheet. This folks, is superbly done with an exquisite quality and a grand sense of humor that really seemed to satisfy my need for it.  
 Maureen really has accomplished greatness with this important looking, museum quality, masterpiece of Philatelia! I must also add that Maureen is a pleasure to meet - vivacious and  friendly. Not to mention that she is one of the "XPF Masterminds" that were integral to the show. Maureen sets the bar pretty high for artistamp making but, luckily for the XPF crowd, there were plenty of creative geniuses in that mass of merrymaking artists of the postage creation type.
 Each page of the official-like booklet describes one of the birds from the stamp sheet. This one is "Stamping Swallows".  You can click on that image to get a better look. The descriptions are astonishing, to say the least. "Their nimble beaks and swooping prowess allowed them to excel at the task of applying postage accurately and quickly!".
This commemorative of the "Routing Roosters", another fine example of  Maureen winking mischievously as her sophisticated humor just goes full tilt! Thank you very much Maureen, so glad I got to meet and trade with you. I love "The Birds", astounded by it frankly and it's going into a frame and on the wall directly! By the way, I've just sent you something yesterday. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Ron, those pictures are great. Thanks for the kind comments, and for your other reports on the Ex Postal Facto event. Yes, we had a blast as a duet at the Saturday vendor's table, didn't we? I'm glad you finally received your XPF souvenir postcard with special cancellation courtesy of XPF organizer Jennie Hinchcliff. In Cascadia Artpost country, Test Tower is a 50,000-watter of mailart! Looking forward to a lunchtime debrief... ~ Jack @ Cascadia Artpost