Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heebee Post #309 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

Ha! Cousin Arty is back and is in fine form with this hilarious Heebee Polka Party! A real Dandy indeed! This super postcard commemorates the "Cousinage 2009" when the two Towers did meet and celebrated accordingly (here, in the 4th Dimension). Island life at it's finest! ..............I do hope however, that he doesn't start yodeling again!
Gunter is quite familiar with the goings on in the 4th Dimension and he is an Island celebrity. He really has actually been here. Hopefully, he shall return and we shall continue our 4-D Art stunts. Thank you very much Cousin Arty! You can find Gunter's MA site here: Art Tower Mail Art. See you in the Mail Cousin!

Heebee Post #308 - Nancy Scali - Claremont, California - USA

On rare occasions, some lucky folks can unintentionally wind up in the 4th Dimension quite by accident - like these two regaining consciousness in the surf of a Heebee beach. Imagine their surprise as they walk ashore into 4-D Paradise. Their fantasy dreams suddenly turned into a reality! Divine! This postcard has very sparkly adornments that couldn't be shown properly here via the scanner. It really is rather stunning. Thank you very much my dear Nancy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Heebee Post #307 - Brent Leopold - Camp Hill, Pennsylvania - USA

Expeditions conducted near or along the "Edge" of the vast Trans-4D Frontier, have occasionally resulted in the unfortunate calamity of a purgatorial languishing period between Dimensions. Eventually, our trapped friends will drift back into one of the Dimensional realities with the Quasi -Atmospheric Tides. But which one and when? 4-D exploration can be a risky business! Brent sent this half finished for collaboration and so I completed it. Thanks Brent, that was fun
Also included were these two ATC"s. They are almost like blue and gold Petroglyphs. Nice. You can find out a lot more of this interesting Artist here: Brent Leopold's Art. Thank you very much Brent - Something shall be on it's way to you soon dear friend.

Heebee Post #306 - Dosankodebbie (Deborah Davidson) - Toyohira-ku, Sapporo - Japan

Another Etegami beauty shows up on the Island - This time it is "The Tale of the Screaming Banana". The 4th Dimension loves these great painted cards and the noble Art of Debbie's Etegami. You can find more of her clever traditional twist here: Dosankodbbie's Etegami Notebook.
Nice to find Debbie having fun in the 4th Dimension again. I am a big fan of her work. She has a Mail Call for Etegami Recipe cards and Mail Art here: Dosankodebbie's Mail Art Gallery. Above is a fine example of an Etegami Recipe card - with a practical and enjoyable way to use up very ripe bananas that might otherwise hit the trash bin. Just follow that recipe. Thank you very much - Love it!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Heebee Post #305 - Marianne Laimer - Gotland - Sweden

I chuckled loudly when I pulled this out of the post box this morning. I am finding this to be funny on a few different levels and I am loving it! Why, this is something I very well may have said myself - more than once. Ha ha! Marianne created quite a stir when she arrived on the Island with this fantastic postcard. I love alternate sanity jokes - Heck, that's what the 4th Dimension is all about! Great job! Nice Swedish Black Cat postage too. Check her Mail Art site: Den skulptura boken. Sure like your sense of humor Marianne. Something is already in the mail to you.

Heebee Post #304 - Maria Da Gloria Jesus De Oliveira - Porto Alegre-RS - Brazil

Maria has created a a picture journal of her amazing vacation here in the 4th Dimension. These cherished memories will now remain with her forever. Many visitors here are 4-D scrap booking these days as a way to keep those memories vivid and alive!
That rubber stamping in the upper left is great! Is that really you Maria? Love it! Maria's first trip to the Heebee Territories with this pictorial tale of wild abandon and fun in the 4th Dimension is pretty descriptive. Thank you very much my friend and welcome to the Island.

Heebee Post #303 - Maggie (Stinkfoot) Cope - Point Washington, Wisconsin - USA

Wow! What a terrifically bizarre vision of a Heebee Hobo's life in the 4th Dimension. Illuminated by a bonfire on a remote part of the Island, you can see that somebody has really let them self go. Clippers please!
Maggie arrives on the Island and immediately inquires "Like my stinky feet"? Ugh! There are a lot of unique spirits here in the 4th Dimension, but Maggie is definitely part of a new breed. Thanks little Maggie Stinkfoot - This is hilarious and strange - always a nice combo!

Heebee Post #302 - Brandon Cope - Point Washington, Wisconsin - USA

Many business men have been disappearing during the afternoons and returning with a new spring in their step. Spending even a few hours in the 4th Dimension proves to be a great stress reliever and physiologically satisfying. Just don't let the Boss find out about it! And, what happens in the 4th stays in the 4th!
Brandon enters the 4th Dimension with this fine "Business Man's Special" Heebee postcard. Love that tip of the hat to the other fellow! Great card Brandon, thanks very much and welcome to to Heebee Jeebeeland.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heebee Post #301 - Ria Cabral - Holloman AFB - New Mexico - USA

Some interesting characters have been seen cavorting about the Island lately. Yes, it's true. You really can be who you want to be in the 4th Dimension.
Ria, arrives in the 4th with this dazzling Heebee Hero postcard. Love it! Yes, I am happy to swap some Mail Art with ya - in fact, something should be in your mail box in the next day or so! You can find Ria having fun with Mail here: The little Red Mail Box. Thank you very much my friend.

Heebee Post #300 - Dr. Brignone - Cuneo - Italy

The Doctor takes us deep into the vast Trans-4-D Frontier for a modeling photo shoot. The obvious peril enhances the beauty of the subject and there is plenty of it here! This is a super example of the Doc's trademark gorgeous women in peculiar circumstances style postcards - of which the 4th Dimension enjoys immensely.
Welcome back to the Heebee Territories Doc. The reverse side of this Mail Art jewel is some puzzling evidence and quite interesting as well. This is a great card - Thank you very much! You can find the Doctor's fine Mail Art site here: Creatures Mail Art. See you in the Mail!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Heebee Post #299 - Serse Luigetti - Perugia - Italy

Careful Scientific calculations regarding the existence and overlapping of Dimensional barriers are painstakingly noted on these examination sheets (specially designed for ongoing 4th Dimension study). I love this terrific 4-D Fluxus style Artwork!
These three postcards are intriguing and well made glossy specimens of 4-D Fluxus Mail Art.
The face of the Sea Breeze Spectre. It is her lonely flight that brings a powerful sense of romance to the Heebee sands at night. Careful with whom you stroll along the shoreline in the evenings!
Serse himself in a kaleidoscopic Artistamp self portrait. Being cool in the 4th seems to come naturally to some folks.
Welcome to the Heebee Jeebee Territories Serse. This was quite an abundant package and its contents are very interesting. Serse's "Canned Paper" pieces can be found in various places on the internet. Like this one: Canned Paper Sample. Thank you very much Serse, I am enjoying your Art very much! Something in the Mail to you soon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heebee Post #298 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, Kansas - USA

A recent exhibit and forum on the care of Two Dimensional creatures or "Flatties", as Islanders call them, had to take place in a large created vacuum. 2-D creatures are fragile and unstable and hardly even understood.
The 4th Dimension is delighted to have William back on Heebee shores with this puzzling 2-D specimen exhibit. The extraordinary is often the routine here on the Island as the scientific phenomena just keeps on going off the charts! Thank you William, as usual, it's a delight to have further evidence from Shawnee - not to mention the stupendous display of gorgeous vintage postage! His interesting Mail Art collection is here: Addressee. See ya in the mail William!

Heebee post #297 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

Dear Cousin Arty returns to the 4th Dimension jungles with these sporting "Mail Art Matters" IUOMA artistamps with himself outfitted in a noble looking Heebee helmet. (This helmet is only available for those who have actually visited the 4th Dimension in person). Yes, Gunter has been a guest here and according to him, he shall return around September. The Island is greatly anticipating the reuniting of the two Towers. Nice Artistamps featuring handsome depictions of Cousin Arty as he queries "How are you"? I am doing well my friend. Spring is starting to hold me under it's spell and I am almost giddy over it. Island life, here in the 4th Dimension, is just luscious in the Springtime. Wish you were here. Check out what has been entertaining Gunter's Mail Box. Thank you my super cousin - can't wait till you are back in the USA!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heebee Post #296 - Jennie Hinchcliff - San Francsico, California - USA

This handsome postcard is proudly adorned with a new Pod Post "Mail Artists United of North America" Artistamp. Mail Art Classy! Folks, if you have been an active Mail Artist for even a short while and don't know what Pod Post is and who they are, I really don't know where ya been.
It is always great to have Jennie visit the 4th Dimension Territories. She comprises half of the Mail Art tour de force known as Pod Post of current "Good Mail Day" fame. Can't wait to find out what is lurking on the horizon for these gals. Thank you very much Jennie - great card!

Heebee Post #295 - Angie Cope - Port Washington, Wisconsin - USA

Beyond the molecular level - The fuzzy barrier that separates the 3rd and 4th Dimensions seen here in this clever nanotechnological postcard. The research and discoveries of the brilliant minds here on the Island continue to astound the local Scientific Community.
Angie also included some lofty Inter-Dimensional notation and thoughts on the reverse side of this postcard. It is a beautiful card and the pattern of the upper pic is a very shiny silver that was difficult to reproduce here, but is quite lovely to behold in person. Thank you very much Angie - nice to see you here on the Island with your toes in the surf and your mind in the clouds.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heebee Post #294 - Irene Ronchetti - Caba - Argentina

As Trans-Dimensional travel becomes more commonplace, we are seeing more and more Backyard Engineers designing their own means of journeying to the 4th Dimension. Heebee Island admires the adventurous spirit of these Trans-4D pioneers.
Irene's Mail Art call "The Circle" or "Elcircular - Ediciones" looks to be a fun project and is on-going. Check her progress so far: Elcircular Mail Art. Heebee Island will, of course, happily participate.
Irene's visit to 4th Dimension Territory is quite impressive with that brilliant Dimension-buster cruiser craft postcard. I really like the ripple effect of Dimensional entry and departure. And this cool envelope with the traveling contraption and that classic Postman rubber stamping at the bottom. Thank you very much Irene. It is wonderful to find you here - I'll being seeing you in your Circular World soon and good luck on your project. This is a terrific piece!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Heebee Post #293 - Roland Halbritter - Nuedlingen - Germany

Check out this great and fanciful depiction of Otto von Bismarck - 1800's Prussian Prime Minister and German Chancellor and the subject of Roland's Mail Art Call: Bismarck Mail Art. Originally, this beautiful painted postcard was sent by super Mail Artist Servane Morel (Belgium) to Roland for his call. Roland has had this marvelous card reprinted onto a gleaming metalic silver cardstock and it is stunning! (And a challenge to scan properly)!
The 4th Dimension is enjoying Roland's Call very much - it is quite entertaining! It is very popular with Mail Artists and there are some brilliant submissions there. The legendary von Bismarck also took some time out and visited Heebee Jeebeeland. You can find that obscure fact to indeed be true here: Test Tower meets von Bismarck. Heh-heh. Thank you very much Roland - this is magnificent.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heebee Post #292 - Rachel Fasig - North Lewisburg, Ohio - USA

4th Dimension Visionary Rachel Fasig, contemplates a travel and tourist guide to Heebee Jeebeeland. I love that eye and you can almost see the wheels turning as it stares intelligently back at us holding on to it's developing 4-D concepts.
Rachel's first visit to the 4th is actually a two part double bubble action submission and this is the first. As is proudly stated on the top pic "You never know what adventures lie beyond your mind when you travel to Heebee Jeebeeland". Thank you Rachel, this is really cool.
This second submission by Rachel is just as fabulous and even more involved. The postcard on the left are "The Three Things" that she found and poignantly wrote about in the mini book on the right "A little Story of Big Magic". We had discussed through email, the story of Mr. Jimmy of Rolling Stones lyrics fame. It turned out there really was a Mr. Jimmy who lived in Minnesota, where Mick ran into him at a local drugstore long ago. The mini book relates the "You can't always get what you want" that Mr. Jimmy lived by. You didn't know he was real either? Check this out: Mr. Jimmy Story. Also the Mr. Jimmy Memorial page.
Rachel's second Mail Art really made my day. This was a lovely MA ensemble and was fun to unravel and read. Thank you very much my new friend - I love and adore this little treasure (not to mention, that is a real dollar bill). Heh!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heebee Post #291 - Janet Heritage - Wheatridge, Colorado - USA

Romance often plays a large role in a vacation, here on the Island. There is a 4th Dimensional charge to the atmosphere that can create an "opposites attract" sort of environment and unusual pairing is frequently manifested. This is such a terrific postcard and has a nice heft to it - deftly collaged and beautiful.
Janet's arrival on the Island is heralded in by this great submission to the 4th Dimension. I think that is Basketball (Football?) skin on the bottom right hand corner. Nice! I love this super card - thanks very much Janet. And welcome to the 4th!

Heebee Post #290 - Adamandia Kapsalis - Chicago, Illinois - USA

Bowling on Heebee Island is becoming quite a popular pastime. Because Bowling Alleys in the 4th Dimension are a bit different than in the 3-D real world, unusual strategies are employed to knock and bash the various random objects that are used in stead of the usual pins. This is accomplished by hurling a large round smooth stone (seen on the left side). And the assortment of crashing noises, while playing, is great audio entertainment as well!
Adamandia returns to the 4th Dimension amidst a joyful group of locals that welcome her whole heartedly. Her "O-Fish-L" Mail Art rubber stamp is one of my favorites. You can participate in her ongoing project: A Fishy Requisite or her Synaptic Patina Mail Art call. Thank you very much my friend. See you in the mail.

Heebee Post #289 - Elizabeth Zois (The Dak of Droll) - Troy, New York - USA

The Dak is back! With St. Amphibian and Sister Cluck, who arrived "late at the Nativity". Yes, it is interestingly true - 4th Dimensional animals like to "play" Nativity. If you are one of the luckier guests here, you may catch a glimpse of one of these ambitious animal acts! Thank you very much Elizabeth.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heebee Post #288 - Muriel Frega - Buenos Aires - Argentina

The Tea Room in the Heebee Resort is a luxurious experience that many guests here take a great relaxing delight in. Feel the stress and pressures of the 3-D real world just slip away as your new 4th Dimension state of mind takes hold. Ahhhhhhhh.........What a way to spend a lazy golden afternoon.
The kitchen of the Tea Room, however, where everything is prepared, is the opposite of calm and serene. It takes plenty of talent to conjure up and create each cup of those wonderful concoctions.
I was quite happy to discover this gem from Muriel in my Mail Box this morning. Welcome to the 4th Dimension my friend. Islanders are very proud of their Tea Room and are very glad to have you here. Your creations are gorgeous! Thank you very much! You can check out more of this Artist's superb illustrations here: Muriel Frega Art.