Monday, March 1, 2010

Heebee Post #280 - Lynn Palmiter, Jr. and Elizabeth Zois (The Dak of Droll) - Troy, NY - USA

The 4th Dimension says: "Don't be a don't Bee - Do be a do Bee" (Okay, stole that from "Brother Buzz", the conscientious Bumble Bee marionette - Circa 1960). The 4th Dimension has always looked upon the Bee as a noble creature. Nice shot you guys!
Who knows where Lynn stops and The Dak begins? They are a likeable duo and it is Lynn who actually made the slip cover for the much cherished "Mail Art Novel" - which is still being passed around and written at IUOMA. See: IUOMA Mail Art Novel. I like that A & P Industries stamping too. Nice to find you guys on Heebee sand and thanks very much.

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