Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heebee Post #294 - Irene Ronchetti - Caba - Argentina

As Trans-Dimensional travel becomes more commonplace, we are seeing more and more Backyard Engineers designing their own means of journeying to the 4th Dimension. Heebee Island admires the adventurous spirit of these Trans-4D pioneers.
Irene's Mail Art call "The Circle" or "Elcircular - Ediciones" looks to be a fun project and is on-going. Check her progress so far: Elcircular Mail Art. Heebee Island will, of course, happily participate.
Irene's visit to 4th Dimension Territory is quite impressive with that brilliant Dimension-buster cruiser craft postcard. I really like the ripple effect of Dimensional entry and departure. And this cool envelope with the traveling contraption and that classic Postman rubber stamping at the bottom. Thank you very much Irene. It is wonderful to find you here - I'll being seeing you in your Circular World soon and good luck on your project. This is a terrific piece!

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