Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heebee Post #291 - Janet Heritage - Wheatridge, Colorado - USA

Romance often plays a large role in a vacation, here on the Island. There is a 4th Dimensional charge to the atmosphere that can create an "opposites attract" sort of environment and unusual pairing is frequently manifested. This is such a terrific postcard and has a nice heft to it - deftly collaged and beautiful.
Janet's arrival on the Island is heralded in by this great submission to the 4th Dimension. I think that is Basketball (Football?) skin on the bottom right hand corner. Nice! I love this super card - thanks very much Janet. And welcome to the 4th!


  1. Are you a writer for the television show "Lost?" You should be ...

  2. Thanks Schnukster! I think. Hmmmmm.