Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heebee Post #290 - Adamandia Kapsalis - Chicago, Illinois - USA

Bowling on Heebee Island is becoming quite a popular pastime. Because Bowling Alleys in the 4th Dimension are a bit different than in the 3-D real world, unusual strategies are employed to knock and bash the various random objects that are used in stead of the usual pins. This is accomplished by hurling a large round smooth stone (seen on the left side). And the assortment of crashing noises, while playing, is great audio entertainment as well!
Adamandia returns to the 4th Dimension amidst a joyful group of locals that welcome her whole heartedly. Her "O-Fish-L" Mail Art rubber stamp is one of my favorites. You can participate in her ongoing project: A Fishy Requisite or her Synaptic Patina Mail Art call. Thank you very much my friend. See you in the mail.

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