Friday, March 16, 2012

Heebee Post #739 - Arac - Huntsville, Alabama - USA

 Try-outs for the Squid Patrol! Arac's fabulous card is a great response to the "Squid Patrol" card I sent out to about a 15 or so mail artists out there.  This is a stupendous card!
Check out the composition of the reverse side, above. Very entertaining, but what the heck is he doing? I like the ambiguity of the picture, much of my life is quite similar. What the heck am I doing anyway. Arac points out that her "Hippy Dippy" mail call is going on and she would like you to participate. See here: Hippy Dippy call. Thank you very much Ms. Arac and will see you in the mail - Note: already sent: "A Box of Rain". Peace!

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