Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heebee Post #746 - ??? - Diepolz - Germany

 "Friede den Hutten - Krieg den Palasten"! = "Peace Hut - War Palaces"! Very bold words as Georg Buchner tried to rally the people to revolution in 1834 Germany. He was arrested for publishing the "Friede den Hutten" pamphlet, but managed a subsequent escape to Strasbourg. The "200 Jahre" is a reference to the great museum/cultural center in Diepholz. And it is indeed an impressive museum.
I wish there was some body's name attached to this call, but that's okay. I am going to send in something anyway, because I like these kind of historical figure calls. Besides, being a revolutionary with his "Society for human rights", Buchner wrote many plays and books as well as translating 2 of Victor Hugo's works. So, let me think of something appropriate and I'll be sending it off soon. And thanks for the card.

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