Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heebee Post #720 - Lotro! (Lothar Trott) - Zurick - Switzerland

 All aboard for the BFM (Bus for Mail Art) - Where are we going? - "Far, far away", smiled Lotro. These are actually stickers and I will be using some of them for Mail Art, but must keep some for my artistamp collection. Pokuland is the grand and wonderful fictional realm that Lothar has been dwelling in for many years. Nice stickers Lotro!
 Lothar also included this 'add and pass' of which, I contributed the little Scientist in the center. And now shall release it into the mail art wild.
I love the terrific Lotro artistamp seen above. Closer inspection proves what I had suspected - that the likeness on the Lotro stamp was done by the mighty Buz Blurr. It looks fantastic!
This furiously decorated envelope is demonstrative of the passion Lotro can display. He actually made a "BFM" out of his Lotro name stamp! Wow! Outstanding - can you sense the splendor of the chaos?
A "Good will card". Interesting technique in the construction of the card - it has a nice feel to it - coated in plastic. I am feeling complimented that he used my Fluxus girl as a subject here.
Thank you very much Lotro. It was such a gas to receive all of this from you. I am sending something off to you today old friend. Long live Pokuland!

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