Sunday, June 1, 2014

Heebee Post #1112 - CrakerJack Kid (Chuck Welch) Part #2 - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 The ill orthodoxy the Kid usually musters up seems to first irritate until a kind of rewarding satisfaction is found from somewhere you didn't see coming. Chuck has been wondering whatever became of this monstrous sized mail art package he had sent a couple of months ago. Shamelessly, I have that one, seen here, and yet, another to astound the world with soon.  The above palette of delicacy, is large (8"x10") and arrived in Heebee Jeebeeland in grand fashion, enclosed within a thick 14"x15" zippered clear plastic envelope package.

Also, I assembled the contents enclosed  within the plastic bag and Voila! The hapless Lass comes alive with a folding stand as she poses, in all her enigmatic splendor, atop the vintage Packard Bell radio/clock above my desk - a place of distinction! At least until it arrives in my new studio next week! This is some interesting correspondence, wouldn't you, dear reader, agree? The CrackerJack Kid just knocked one outta the park folks! You have to smile when you see this!

Chuck was worried that the Post Office may have dropped the ball on this one. But, no, I had it all the time. In fact, let me just take a moment to show some reverence to the wonderful institution that has fascinated me my entire life. Keep up the good work you guys! Everybody loves the Post Office......right?

I like the Kid's 'sandwiching' technique with the decoration. A closer look shows a red and white sticker with a USA postage stamp partially covering it and topped off with a rubber cancellation stamping. Like a postal "S'more". The technique results in an award-like appearance, adding a peculiar sense of importance to it.

Thanks very much Chuck - that's entertainment! Something is on it's way to your house - enjoy! CrackerJack Kid Mail Art.  Part #3 is coming up pretty quickly, thanks for your and everybody else's patience as I complete the transport of my belongings by Yak up the mountain to my new home. Adieu.

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