Monday, May 26, 2014

Heebee Post #1111 - Herman Kamphuis - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

 Well known "Voyageur Postal",  Herman sends in this eerie beauty to confound the mind's taste buds. Adorned in fashionable knits, this model unrelentingly engages the viewer's eyes and pulls you into her peculiar, gift wrapped world of sensuality.  Herman has a pretty good idea about what "Fluxus Affair" is all about and enjoys displaying odd varieties of that mysterious, romantic realm and he does it well.
This large postcard (7" x 9"), turned out to be an envelope that contained a small collection of some of Herman's unusual workings.
Talk about being on "The horns of a dilemma".  This quarrelling couple are fraught with argument and more like impaled with problems.    
 "Pelstaarten" or "His tail". This cut-out "Fragment", as he calls it, is a piece of a much larger work done in 1986 by the artist. Strangely, the monkey-like creature's arms seem to be disconnected.

Another "Fragment", also dated 1986.
Herman's Fluxus Affair takes a small departure here with a confounding third party added in. Michelangelo's  Statue of David acts as the "Other fellow" in this "Fluxus Affair Quandry". It is beautiful when held in your hand because of the smooth, soft, leathery texture of Herman's work.  Thanks very much my dear Kamphuis, something is already in the mail for you and yes, I have another of  your wonderful works to post; which I will get to soon. Great stuff!

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