Friday, May 9, 2014

Heebee Post #1106 - RBCz - St. Clown, Minnesota - USA

 Five Fins make a Foon: #1
In the first of three, well thought out vignettes, it  looks as if this blue-chromed subway behemoth is slowly swimming, like a massive, hissing steam-punk shark,  through a labyrinth of elaborately arched, M.C. Escher-like pathways. Roy barely mentions the 1959 Eldorado and that this is rather a 'homage' to the eye popping grandeur of the appropriately named: "Bullet Bra".
As intriguing as the people carrying denizen of the subway is, this post card is actually regarding the advertisements seen hanging from the Subway ceiling. I'll just let Roy's words describe the vainglorious, yet somehow fun,  lifestyle acquired from wearing this dangerous product.  Click on reverse side to read.

Five Finns make a Foon: #2
 In the part #2 of the "Five Fins make a Foon" saga, Roy describes picking up a hitch-hiker in the middle of a "A high summer , high plains, high voltage electrical storm", near Omaha. That big Buick RoadMaster was an "Unstoppable force".
The rider declared that the back seat was bigger than his bedroom and they all dined on Bacon and sausage.

Five Fins make Foon: #3
 This harlequin attired prankster is the unusual depiction of Hernado de Soto, who reached the top rank of Conquistador under Pizarro in the destruction of the Incan Empire". In 1539 he bacame the governer of Cuba.

"Over two million DeSotos were made from 1928 until 1966. They were prone to rust". I think all three of these cars have some kind of foothold in Roy's memory. They all three have that RCBz  majesty of  visual juggernauts that compel the viewer just a bit away from his comfort zone. Anyway,  I hope they are good ones old friend. See ya in the mail. RCBz's Review.

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