Friday, May 23, 2014

Heebee Post #1110 - Adrienne Mason - Tofino, British Columbia - Canada

 Adrienne's Heebee Jeebee debut is rather a timely little ensemble for me personally. I have to drive down to Portland  in a couple of hours and doesn't this look like it is forming a test pattern  for the trip and what I'm in for when I get there? As if a map charting it's course from the 4th dimension and the breakthrough return to reality. Don't worry folks, I'll look at the "Map" in the mirror to get back. Adrienne's large card is gorgeous and right on target this foggy friday morning.
"All Hail Heebee Jeebeeland"! - with adoring  minions waving in silent wonder. I had approached the computer this morning at about 3:30 feeling a bit melancholy but, I'm starting to feel better (more minions please!) Heh. I 'm getting a cool interesting vibe from Adrienne's work and that Canadian postage is fabulous. The town of Tofino, where Adrienne hangs her hat, is on the west coast of the vast Vancouver Island. I have always wanted to explore that side of the enormous Island. Must be pretty remote, hearty living there. Thank you for the great postcard Adrienne - see you in the mail!

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  1. Glad the card made it through relatively intact! How was that trip to Portland? I hope my mind map helped.