Sunday, May 18, 2014

Heebee Post #1108 -CrackerJack Kid (Chuck Welch)- Part #1 - Hancock, New Hampshire - USA

 It has been a while since I have posted the very well known CrackerJack Kid's work and now I have three of his dubious beauties that need posting attention. One glimpse of the these "Articulated Pages" gives the viewer a pretty good feel of the erratic mischief  conducted while composing his neo-eloquent correspondence.  This first page refers to Chuck's going back to Nebraska for some kind of Family Reunion - and introduces his long lost 2nd cousin, artist Roy De Forest. The Kid goes on to say that De Forest greeted him just outside the "Stinking Draft Board room that nailed me back in 1970".
 This little mail art package was sent back to the Kid or, as he puts it "Punted", twice by the Post Office. When you see the envelope, below, you can believe it. The third sending out proved to be successful as it was re-addressed and put inside a hard plastic container.

These fine "Bug Post Revenue" stamps are fantastic. This particular postage celebrates "Hemp".  Marijuana, within the state of Washington, is no big deal anymore. But, as the residents of this fine state await for the formerly forbidden plant to be sold in the stores - there is a big problem of how much to charge everybody. Too much and folks will just keep buying it privately; where it is much cheaper. Not enough and no state revenue will be made. It is supposed to be in public stores by July of this year.........we'll see......

 The front side of the twice 'returned to sender' envelope. The envelope is actually made from a Weatherspoon Gallery card regarding artist: Willem de Kooning - redecorated with the Kid's whimsical seriousness.
The back side of the loquacious envelope is festooned with CrackerJack autobiographical scribbled storytelling. It is quite fascinating to learn more of this legendary artist's life. He was friends with Ray Johnson and helped begin Ray's NY Correspondence School.  He also speaks of David Zack and  Roy De Forest moving to the west coast and creating "California Funk Art". He ends his colorful bit of biography with "To be continued". Chuck Welch aka CrackerJack Kid is always a mind tenderizer and I have at least two more to post - please be patient - you'll see them soon enough. Thank you Chuck, I love your work and your storytelling. In fact, this one should probably be in a museum. See ya in the mail. CrackerJack Kid Music. CrackerJack Kid Mail IUOMA.

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