Sunday, May 4, 2014

Heebee Post #1105 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 Well folks, looks like you are in for a double whammy from popular magic mail artist Stan Askew. I had not posted his previous little package but, here they are in all their manly Askew splendor. The above card is the second of the luscious pair sent and is an eye popping symmetrical wonder - especially seen first hand.

I am really starting to grok what Stan is doing in these precision crafted mixes of colorful Southern Californian mystic mayhem. Here, on the reverse side, Stan is back to using his usual penchant for the number 8 (also the sign for eternity or moreover, eternal love).
 I cannot help but, to wonder - Isn't this a sort of prophetic, dream-like scenario for Ukraine's unsettling future. This is really Askew gold - rich in innuendo. And if it is regarding Ukraine, who is this fellow supposed to be? Hmmmm.....

 Interestingly, the woman seen here is holding the child for a camera snap - at the same time she hides behind it, making this card seem so poignant. Stan does not hold back from showing a full spectrum of California Loveland life and instead even celebrates a peculiar 'toughness' of average folks.
 Once again, Stan deliciously adds this superb vintage linen postcard. This card, The Statue of David,  Forrest Lawn, Glendale - made by Garner-Thompson (circa 1930-1940) is of the "California Views" collection and is quite a gem.
 When I was introduced to Stan, I felt an instantaneous sort of a fine brothership  between us. We spoke together for a long while and yet, it seemed so abruptly short. He and I could talk for hours as we pretty much 'get' each other pretty well.

He and I had swapped postal goodies for quite a few years now and we shared a rather mutual admiration.  Shaking his hand, it seemed as if we were long lost friends meeting again after a long separation
. Click on this image for an another vintage linen card - this time the magnificent buildings that comprised a 1940's San Diego. This is a Tichnor Art Co. postcard.
  Continuing with his California Loveland theme, Stan delivers another linen postcard. Two of  "The Walnut Grove Restaurant" on the "Coast Highway" and in San Juan Capistano. This last card printed using the "Territone Process by E.B.Thomas, NYC. I love the treasure trove of vintage Californian postcards Stan has sent to me over the years.  

Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist adorns this lovely artistamp.
Thanks Stan, I think this should be a flavorful tasting for Askew fans everywhere - and there are a lot of them around the world.  Our physical meeting in San Francisco (XPF) last Feb was a landmark in my life and I know, we'll be friends forever. Stan, as well as I, like that edgy, early psychedelic LA sound and so, this is for you, my mail art primo hermano:  "Stephanie Knows Who" (make sure it's loud). To see more of Mr. Askew's work: Photo Askew. See ya in the you know what!

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