Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Heebee Post #1107 - Eric Babaud - Sainte Anastasie - France

This handsome family relaxes during  the popular "Breakfast Floor Show" in the versatile Heebee Jeebeeland Lounge. The singers create a merry atmosphere and a splendid time is had by all.  This is Eric's debut visit to the fourth dimension and it is a stunning affair (A4 size). There is certainly an art to juxtapositioning and it has been carried out handily here. The fact that it is quite large, really adds to it's magnificence. Super job Mr. Babaud - I'm nuts about it! The table cloth is actually an orange piece of tape, folded perfectly, as if by the waitress. Nice touch. In fact, this is a killer piece of mail art!
Inside of the fantastically  decorated envelope, is this attention engaging  and entertaining poster. This is a showing for Eric's works entitled "Eschappees Belles" = "Beautiful Escape". A great poster but, no date? Anyway, Eric left a pleasant note introducing himself and it looks like we shall be exchanging some nutty stuff in the mail . I can't wait Eric! Babaud Art. Nice to meet you Eric and thanks and see ya in the mail.

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