Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Heebee Post #1117 - Ptigh (sp?) - Portland, Oregon - USA

 Well folks, I really must say, "Great Job Post Office" for delivering this imposing  "Periscope Chicken" postcard. This handsome bantam is sporting some unusual eye-wear and I can't stop the idiotic notion of wanting to see it blink! Anyway, let's get to the stranger matter. If you, dear reader, will take notice of the address in the center of the panel - It shows my residence on W.Pear St. The number, 1201, is correct but, I live at 1201 W.Main St.; which is ironic because, I am moving to a new home at the moment. Moreover, it shows the recipient as "T.J.". Perhaps the sender meant T.T. (Test Tower), as I am often called? Oddly, there actually is a Pear St. about 7 or 8 blocks from here. For them to make the connection to me indicates a good presence of mind for the delivery guys. Good show Post Office!
This glimpse into the puzzle that comprises a "Nuclear Family" seems to balance the dregs of modern life and the edgy, poignant contentment received as award for perseverance in a mundane world. This moody work by the artist "Ptigh" (I don't think I have that right) has a peculiar feel about it and makes the viewer want to know more about the seated pair. A super one to build a story on. Thank you very much and see you in the mail!

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  1. I am Ptigh, you spelled it correct. Please return to sender or forward on to West Pear street.
    Excellent critique!
    Thanks, Ptigh.