Monday, November 26, 2012

Heebee Post #895 - Jennie Hinchcliff - San Francisco, California - USA

 "Everyday should be Caturday". It's rather amusing that my cat, the "Cotton Picker" is sitting in this precise position, contentedly sleeping,  just to the left of my keyboard as I write this.  If you have ever owned a feline friend, then you know cats are luxuriously lazy and angelically snooze most of the daytime away (then lurk about like little denizens in the gloom of night) - Hence: "Caturday" and "ZZZZZZZZ".  I like cats.
I smile every time I think about the AARPEX 2012  Exhibition a couple of weeks ago in Seattle.  I was so excited to meet the participating artists that I had only known through the mail or only just seen their work.  These were some of the top dogs of the genre - Jennie being one of them (Red Letter Day). Even though she must have been weary, since it was in the afternoon, she was vivacious, friendly and charmingly winsome during the while we chatted. Everybody's time was so fragmented, because everybody wanted to talk to everybody.  The camaraderie was terrific and infectious everyone appeared to be having an absolute blast!  Thank you very much Jennie and see you in the post!

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