Saturday, November 24, 2012

Heebee Post #892 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

 Ladies and Gentlemen, His Highness the Mahew-something or other circa 1897.  Seen here in his mighty pomp and full regalia, he looks as if an Emperor of some vast bygone kingdom.  Who does this better than Otto?
 I seem to be collecting a goodly amount of Artistamp sheets these days and I am mighty glad about that. I will showcase every one of them. Doesn't His Highness seem even more official in neat little rows. I am crazy about Artistamps now and have even begun to make them myself.
 "Poste Vatican".  Apparently the Vatican is celebrating the British Queen's Diamond Jubilee in the form of a Royal/Religious commemorative.  That Latin "mumbo jumbo" has never been more meaningful.
They are almost like "Christmas Seals" or "Queenmas Seals" to be pasted on cards and presents. Another slightly beguiling postage recipe. 

I see our gobbling friend is crying out for help. Good luck! Those beautiful artistamps riding in on this envelope are a joy to behold. The super-deluxe "Carnival of Politics" faux postage is incredible high quality with Otto collaborating with Vittore Baroni for a philatelic extravaganza!  Thanks very much Otto and I'll be sending something back your way very soon. 

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