Saturday, November 10, 2012

Heebee Post #881 - XX Jones - Vienna - Austria

"Fearful Symmetry" -  XX Jones doubles down on her howling "Placerias", a mammal like reptile from the Triassic period. This card, seen in person, shows that the Placerias is surrounded by a shiny metallic silver (wouldn't scan properly) and looks pretty "Neo Triassic"! She writes "A homage to nature, art and science - represented by Blake's fearful symmetry and Darwin's tree of life" - (reverse side).  And check out that wonderful "Time to wake up" artistamp. Perfect.
Miss Jones also included  included these three A4 sized Edgar Rice Burroughs's "Tarzan" panels. These gorgeous illustrations are super examples of artist Burne Hogarth's work. He drew the Tarzan Sunday page in newspapers for 12 years (1937- 1945 and 1947 - 1950) but, it has been reprinted many times.  With Tarzan, Hogarth brought together Classicism, Expressionism and Narrative into a new form of dynamic sequential art.  His teaching to art students often included odd thoughtful study: "Paint me this sound: A spider walking on it's web - what is the music of that sound?".
XX  Jones also included a long note that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I don't publish notes - they are regarded  as personal - but, I can tell you it was one of the nicest notes I have received. She asked me a few questions which I shall answer in subsequent mail back to her in Austria.  Thank you very much Miss Jones - you made my day! See you in the mail my new friend. See her thoughtful  mail art site: Word and Image.   And her XX Jones  IUOMA blog.


  1. Hi Test, thank you for the nice blog posting. I just wanted to tell you that this is not the envelope I sent you and I am from Austria, not Switzerland (close enough though!) You must have gotten that mixed up. And I am Mrs. Jones, but you can call me xx! All the best!

  2. Hi xx. Please forgive me. You know, now I have to wonder how many times I may have done that! Ugh! Anyway, thanks for the pointer and by the way, I have already put a fix on it - so, no one will know what we are talking about. And, thanks for being a good sport - I appreciate that.
    Cheers old Girl, Test

  3. No problem at all. I was just wondering how it survived. So far I mostly used normal envelopes, but I thought this black and red advert would look right on your site. :-)