Monday, December 2, 2013

Heebee Post #1064 - Timothy Gasper - Reston, Virginia - USA

 Timothy's entertaining debut to Heebeeville is a dashing display of contemporary collage style Mail Art - with a notable exception: the declaration of "The other side of this envelope did not come out good".

Well Tim, I am able to argue with you about that - and to prove my point I am exhibiting 2 worthy exceptions from the other side to illustrate with. This altered armed Services poster is not bad amusing Mail Art fare.

The other feature was this interesting notion that the Mail Art Vixen herself, Fluxus Girl, would like to demonstrate. The "Fluxometer Syringe".  Now, with this futuristical Dada service device, the exact amount of Fluxus can be administered into each envelope and postcard that is sent to Postal friends everywhere in the world!
 The reverse side of the wonderfully decorated enveloped is adorned in a nice 4th dimension travelling outfit - very nicely done.
Way to go with your first effort to Heebee Jeebeeland - and thanks for being a good sport and allowing the "Tart of Mail Art" (Fluxus Girl) to alter (abuse) your work on the "Fluxometer" above. She is difficult to control and at the same time, a lovely darlin' that gets away with her peculiar brand of playful Dada. See ya in the mail Tim and thanks again old boy!

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