Monday, December 16, 2013

Heebee Post #1066 - Kit Gonzales-Moore - Edgewood, New Mexico - USA

 It has been quite a while since Kit has visited Heebee Jeebeeville and once again she rings the bells of the 4th Dimension - this time with the classy sleaze of  a dreadful immortal.  As the popular genre of Vampires grows - so, evidently, does the convenience of their feeding habits. Superbly drawn by the clever artist  - and I must make special note of that intrepid tattoo - "Live Forever" - perfect! She sure captures the sultriness of this Vampyrette nicely as she pauses, satisfyingly, from her ghastly imbibing.

I am always into personalized rubber stamping cancellations - Giving the art that official sense of important postal business.

I have missed Kit's special brand of charming chaos and am certainly delighted to find her entertaining work in my mail box. Thank you very much Kit - glad to be reconnected with you - let's have some fun exchanges and so, see ya in the mail my entrancing friend.

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