Friday, December 6, 2013

Heebee Post #1065 - Lothar Trott (Lotro Poku) - Zurich - Switzerland

 A special delivery from Pokuland ensures all of us interested in the international Mail Art community that Lotro Poku is well and still serving up his peculiar brand of Fluxus cocktails - the silhouetted men with hats swimming around with a few other interesting ingredients that comprise his unique Dada Martini.

  A closer inspection of Lothar's Artistamp delivers an odd 'contact of familiarity', even if the viewer cannot determine if that groomed fellow is appearing jaunty  - or is he revealing a more cheeky behavior?  Dada tales like this one are like passing beauties to pause for as they cross in front of the life of our vision.

Always glad to have evidence that the kingdom of  Pokuland is still creating a happy-toned, old school Fluxus product and that Lotro is still quite active (in the strange ways) these days. He's one of the good guys folks!  Thank you very much Lothar - See you soon in your post box my old friend!

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