Friday, December 27, 2013

Heebee Post #1068 - Claudio Romeo - Province of Monza e Brianz - Italy

 Apparently, Claudio and CT Chew have an ongoing  interesting "Collaboration in Progress" (See Heebee Post #1061) that involved these fascinatingly beautiful Artistamps that are marked both "Triangle Post" and "Claudio Romeo".

 I thought a closer examination of one or two of these might show off the exquisitely clear printing.

Some of these are astonishing - a shame I couldn't furnish the clarity they really do deserve. 

This extraordinary pasta eating feat exhibits Claudio's "Hunger" (Affimati di arte postal) for mail art.  Note the almost rabid zeal in which he attempts his unattainable satisfaction.
Claudio's smorgasbord of yummies prominently includes "Mail Art" on the menu. 
This is a Claudio's DodoDada  project and you can join in the fun as well: DodoDada web site. 

And be sure to take Claudio's wiggly advice, seen on the left.
Thanks Claudio - I've just sent you something. I hope you enjoy. Ciao Bambino!


  1. At last you came my bag, I'm glad you appreciate :-) I inform you that the man who eats spaghetti is our comedian Totò. If you want to see the scene from which I extracted the image here is the link Sending your look with curiosity, I give you thanks and let you greetings for a 2014 full of creativity, Ciao Claudio

  2. Hello Claudio, A nice appetite for Toto! I'm going to look at the link just now. Maybe a collaboration between us sometime next year? Some stamps perhaps? Anyway, hopefully, 2014 will be everybody's favorite year! un anno meraviglioso! I'll stay in touch.