Monday, March 11, 2013

Heebee Post #957 - Dustin Hamby - Austin, Texas - USA

 Fellow IUOMA member Dustin Hanby arrives in the 4th Dimension with this superb cryptical envelopment - unusual, "One Step Beyond" mail art enclosed in folds.  Above is the entire affair, fully unfolded, in all it's splendor.  Featured near the center of the ensemble is,  possibly, a note from a team doctor to a Soccer coach, "Today he can participate as tolerated. TB". An interesting detail that makes the piece touch down into a reality daydream scenario that adds to and enhances the Heebee Jeebee Cryptogram. Nicely done!
Dustin's debut here is a delightful spectacle and we are sure glad to have him aboard.  I have also began to use a lot of various mixed-media materials again and, after a rather long while, find myself having a renewed vigor for it.   So, a nice shot in the arm for me.  Thanks Dustin - always happy to make a new friend and see you in the mail!

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