Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Heebee Post #954 - Medwolf - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Canada

 Rugged outdoorsman and gentleman mail artist Medwolf returns to Heebee Jeebee Island with this "wanted" poster of the legendary and mysterious David Zack.  Seems to me that it might be easy to spot the distinctive Zack.  Great mail art Meddie! The background is fabulous 4th Dimensional Heebee Jungle!

 I hope Medwolf will finally be able to satisfy his search for the elusive Zack.  His mantra, "Is David Zack Really?", has been asked over every distant corner of the known world - and unknown worlds, such as here, in the 4th Dimension. I like the Medwolf Mailart rubber stamping too - with his Mail Art site: www.lostmailart.piczo.com.
 Also included in the envelope were two snapshots of incredible ornate Indian dances.  I know Medwolf likes to decorate in rich vibrant hand made Indian fabrics and feathers.
 I have seen a few traditional Indian events (I live in Indian country too), but these beautiful outfits take the cake!  Life must be quite an experience in the distant and remote vastness of the Saskatchewan wilderness.
Nice to see my old friend Medwolf is still having fun and enjoying life and mail art. I know you were ill for a spell - glad you are feeling better. See you in the mail!  Medwolf's Mail Art Saga. 

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