Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Heebee Post #968 - Joey T Patrickt - Oakland, California - USA

 I haven't spent too much time in the San Francisco Bay Area since I moved up north about 8 years ago.  If I had, this sight might look more familiar to me.  It is the new portion of the Oakland Bay Bridge, not yet built when I left.  I like Joey's comparative image of the Sky being raked and the tensile cables of the bridge likewise raking the entire view as you travel towards S.F. from "Oaktown".
The reverse side of Joey's card is wonderful exotic females in  fabulous hues.  Not quite sure how Joey makes these cards. Doesn't look like photoshop and yet it is nicely layered for that dreamland effect.  Maybe  when I meet Joey someday in Oakland (yes, it is almost inevitable), we can compare notes on techniques.  I love this card.  Thanks and see you in the mail Mr. Patrickt!


  1. Test, you should have read the back of the card. This is a bridge in China. New Bay Bridge opens this Labor Day. We are signed up to walk on it for the opening ceremony. To all who read this - this site is the World's Best Mail Art site for the moment.

  2. Hey Joey, Thanks for the heads up - although, they look extremely similar. Ah well. And, weren't both bridges built in China, one coming to the Bay Area? Seems like I have been gone from my old stomping grounds a long time, so I'm not certain of anything down there anymore - it has changed so much. Have fun on Opening Day and thanks for the good vibes my friend!