Saturday, April 27, 2013

Heebee Post #984 - RF Cote' - Quebec, Quebec - Canada

 It has been a long while since Reg has been in Heebee Jeebeeland and he returns in good form . Above is a feature from the reverse side of the postcard, a "Stamp Duty" Artistamp pair. I like the connotation  of the background filled with screws (standard duty screws), implying that we all seem to be getting screwed in Life somehow - an eerie feeling that can be difficult to rid yourself of.  Or is the subject just saying "Screw everything"?

I know, however, that I mean "Screw it!" when I used the screw in a recent batch of Artistamps I created - shown here, in all it's splendor.  Coincidence? You know, I recently read somewhere that there are no coincidences - it's just God, winking at you!
 The striking postcard has a wonderfully created chaos that was carefully made. The effect of the metallic gold surfacing through in the bluish sections looks splendidly like an other worldly terrain - perhaps, like the floor of the 4th Dimension?  I must add that the card is thick, as if it were linoleum.  I really like the feel of that heaviness.
 Nice to have you back again after so long Reg. The reverse side of the thick card sports an assortment of Canadian postage stamps - one of which, I want to examine more closely.  See below.
This fine Canadian stamp, "Arrival of Scottish Settlers" is a 1973 issue commemorating the "Highlanders" arrival in eastern Canada.  Maybe you, gentle reader, were not too aware of the large Scottish population in Canada? Well, consider this, the eastern Canadian province where most Canadian Scotts dwell is "Nova Scotia" - which is Latin for "New Scotland"!  Thanks for the great card Reg - See ya in the mail! RF Cote' Mail Art.


  1. Hi my mailart friend,
    Glad you enjoyed the card. Finally picking up on my late correspondance. Funny that you mention about Nova Scotia, I am writing this message from Halifa, Nova Scotia! Cheers! Reg

  2. Hi Reg,
    Halifax! Wow, sounds like a fun springtime vacation to me. Don't forget to have fun! (Don't think we have to worry about Reg folks). Nice to hear from you old boy - I really liked that card!