Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Heebee Post #969 - Theo Nelson - Calgary, Alberta - Canada

 Popular Canadian cartoonist, Theo Nelson, sends in this gorgeous "Nelson style" profile of the mighty Japanese Mountain, Mt. Yotei.  Theo really got this one just right in capturing the image of the solitary giant.
I was curious to see how Theo's Mt. Yotei fared with the actual image of the mountain.  Very nicely done.
I like the wonderful appeal of Theo's "Seasonal Greeting" postcard. It gives off a pleasant and unique energy that is difficult to not like.  "Ancient life awakens once again". He might have been describing me!  Thank you very much Theo - your love and zest for depicting living landscapes is heartfelt and a lot of fun. Theo Nelson's Colour and Whimsy.  

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