Saturday, April 13, 2013

Heebee Post #974 - Herman Kamphuis - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

 I must say - Herman has a knack for really getting under your skin.  First noted: The actual construction and fashioning this ensemble together with his wizardly assortment of glues, washes, goops and globs and various puzzling images, really makes for a finely appealing work of art on it's own right - However, being Mail Art, vaults his works into the winner's circle. Herman, like WL Philyaw, (and me?),  are well accomplished in the realm of juxtaposition - But even Philyaw and anybody else must  recognize that  Khampuis has advanced a further - nearly mystical step. The normal woman on the left becomes as if a gentle Siren - looking her loveliest and inviting you to stop, if only for a moment. Not too sure how this bit turns out after - (note the right panel). An interesting Kamphuis entrapment. More than a little entertaining!
Side two of the Mail Art features Eva as a "Book of Songs". Most times, Eva blends into her world with the banality of everyday mundane existence - But the evenings she has to own makes one wonder what kind of person Eva is.

 Suddenly, even the Name "Eva" begins to sound more adventurous, secretive, intrigue!  Somethings going on with Eva alright - And don't we just love it, a universe within a universe. Kamphuis is honing down the power to fascinate - to a nearly exact science.
Thank you Herman - Love, Love Love t!  See you quite soon in the mystery, I mean Post Box!

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