Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heebee Post #970 - Vizma Bruns - Waitpinga, South Australia - Australia

            Vizma Bruns is a gas!
 Vizma's mail art package included this super altered playing card - I like the thought of being snuggled up to "Wild Card Vizma" in the 4th Dimension Springtime.  A "Lucky" Wild Card?
Super Vizma demonstrates her soaring prowess as she descends into the 4th Dimension.   Looking brilliant in her "Team 4D" jersey.  Gotta admire that unbridled spirit of hers.

One of the special features is this well made Artistamp depicting V. in a very sober looking mood.  That shade of green melds nicely with the color receptors of my minds eye. Love this stamp!

 Also appearing on the envelope is this incredible Australian postage stamp.  One of the most beautiful stamps I have ever seen.  Gettin' funky on the South Australian coast with a "Road Trip".
 Seen above is the cover of a little 8 page "Boekie".  Her "Trashpo" style of constructing the little Boekie really adds to the controlled chaos of fun.
 The 4 center pages of her entertaining volume.  It includes a Squid Patrol Cheerleader. Amen to that!
"Off to the 4th Dimension with you"!  You don't have to ask me twice - let's go there together, on our Sky Bicycles.    Thank you very much Vizma - Love this stuff!  And thank you for your friendly note - I liked that the best! See you in the mail my dear.

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